Attend Colorado (and the World's) First Ever Marijuana Job Fair!


Colorado’s legal marijuana business is booming, and every day, more people are moving out here seeking jobs and a way to enter the industry. It’s typically a difficult process for both employers and would be employees, but Colorado’s first ever weed-centric job fair, “CannaSearch” aims to change that.

“CannaSearch,” hosted by O.penVAPE, will take place next Thursday, March 13 at the O.penVAPE headquarters, located at 1058 Delaware Street in Denver. Anyone job seeker can attend, and companies interested in hiring can still join the party.

The event will run all day, from 11am-7pm. 15-17 companies have already signed up for the event, but it’s not too late to get a table and take part in the country’s first marijuana job fair. If your dispensary or business is interested in having a table at the event, or you want to attend, head to the event’s Facebook page for more info.

As for the job seekers, if you’re a patient or enthusiast looking for a job in the industry, this is the place to be, as companies from Dixie Elixirs to The Hemp Connoisseur will be in attendance. Many of the businesses at the event are ancillary to the cannabis industry, and thus do not even require an MMED badge for hire (though some do, and it will help).

That means rather than waiting on lines and entering a lottery at the MMED all day, you have a much easier, user-friendly way to meet many of the industry’s biggest companies and be considered for a position at one of them.

CannaSearch Job Fair Event Page

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