Grapefruit Haze Marijuana Strain Review and Photos


Grapefruit Haze is a fruity Sativa/Indica hybrid with a dominant Sativa side. Its parental lineage consists of BC Grapefruit (Indica) x Super Silver Haze (Sativa). This strain is a solid indoor producer which adapts to the outdoor environments and warmer regions with a longer growing season. Grapefruit Haze has maintained some of the more stellar genetic characteristics, retaining the desirable Haze qualities on the high side, while offing the unwieldy growth characteristics that typically come with haze dominant strains, such as incessantly long flowering periods and lanky growth that quickly overtakes the grower’s cultivation space.

Basic Info: the Hardy and flavorful BC Grapefruit was utilized as a means of moderating the Super Silver Haze phenotypes, while BC Grapefruit allows a flash of Haze to shine through in the final product, the Grapefruit side keeps her leggy growth in check. Despite the taming of the dominant Sativa Haze in this strain, Grapefruit Haze still maintains a tendency to stretch if vegetated for too long.

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Effect: as a hybrid strain that resides on the Sativa side of the spectrum, medical marijuana patients and recreational smokers alike can expect to enjoy a creative high with energetic legs leading to a euphoric state of mind. Occasionally suffering bouts of giggling bliss.

Scent: as is true with most Sativa’s, Grapefruit Haze is fruity and flavorful. As one might suspect based on its name, this strain lives in a citrus world. Offering a deep fruity bouquet that, when properly cured maintains its citrus lineage; offering a citrus potpourri of oranges blended with fresh squeezed lemons and a dash of cinnamon.

Growth and Seed Info: with the above mentioned caveat in mind (don’t vegetate too long), the breeders of Grapefruit Haze have recommend inducing the flowering cycle early, before the ladies gain too much height in their vegetation cycle. While a nine week flowering period is relatively short for a haze influenced strain, flowering much longer could cause a host of unwanted issues.

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  3. hello, I simply wathed to ask other users if they know which seed ban sells
    original seeds of the Grapefruit strain (not the Grapefruit Haze). I mean, there are many seed
    banks, but I don’t know which is authentic.
    Sorry for asking here, but I am desperate.

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