Hemp's Billion-dollar Crop Is About To Be Unleashed


“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you,

then they fight you…then you win” ~ Mahatma Gandhi


Similar to the struggle the gentle giant endured when freeing India from Britain’s colonial rule, Gandhi clearly understood that, “Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth,” and that the “truth never damages a cause that is just.” Utilizing that logic, Hemp warriors in the cannabis community have been making important strides towards legalizing one of the planet’s most important plants overcoming decades of deceit, thanks to the good people in our community who fought a seemingly thankless battle (RIP Jack Herer) against ignorance and intolerance … when they could’ve just stayed home and got high.

Preaching to the choir.

Granted, just about everyone within the marijuana community already understands that Hemp is one of the more beneficial plants on the planet – any high school kid could tell you that, but most don’t understand why.  Before we screwed this plant over, it’d been utilized for thousands of years, providing protein rich food for humans and allowing us to develop increasingly higher levels of thinking. It clothed the savage beast (a.k.a. humans), and was utilized as paper so our angry mob of a fledgling country could scribble some incoherent thoughts, (something about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness).  At one point, Hemp could have been the fuel that propelled the American economy forward if not for the greed mongers looking to get rich off raping the earth.

After the industrial revolution fired up, Hemp-based products were kicked to the curb. New industry giants like DuPont and Shell ran the world. Cotton was King and the timber industry made folks like William Randolph Hearst rich. All feared the mighty Hemp plant’s potential industrial uses, concerned their industry might lose a few Benjamins to a renewable resource which could be cultivated in just about any environment. As such, Hemp prohibition was kicked into high gear.

Alternative to plastics: utilizing fossil fuels to make today’s plastics is a relatively scary proposition for all; every plastic cup, plate, fork … and even your kid’s favorite toys are a veritable wasteland of toxic chemicals. Unfortunately for the globe, we are a thoughtless consumer nation. Just about every product we purchase, from toilet paper to cell phones, are all wrapped in some type of petroleum-based cellophane, despite the fact the Hemp plant offers a variety of alternatives to the environmentally damaging nightmare of plastic.

Alternative to cotton or timber: as one of the most renewable resources on planet Earth, Hemp is an ideal material for making paper. Unlike its taller, longer to cultivate, oxygen producing competitor – trees; Hemp is an annual crop capable of producing all the paper a country could use. From a construction standpoint, Hemp-based materials already exist; paints, pipes, paneling, shingles, insulation and even concrete made from the fibrous plant, are ready to capture market share from wood-based materials. Making the simple and sensible choice to use Hemp for the manufacturing of paper and housing could potentially reduce global pressure on our dwindling forests.

In a rapidly warming world plagued with dwindling resources, we’ve ignored the Hemp plant’s usefulness at our own peril for far too long. But now, thanks to calmer minds and the recognition of our past mistakes (US Farm Bill Hemp Amendment), the cannabis Hemp plant’s truths will soon be known to the world.

“An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does the truth become error because nobody sees it.” ~ Again, my main man Mahatma



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