Self-medication: Understanding Cannabinoids Makes You a Happier Patient


For today’s medical marijuana patients seeking relief from a life of painful illnesses and their debilitating symptoms, there is hardly any question that medical marijuana is effective. Only one real question continues to puzzle the scientific world; how does medical marijuana offer relief while Western medicine fails? Researchers and scientists alike believe that the secret to pots’ potential lies hidden in the plant’s active compounds, a.k.a. cannabinoids.

Research shows marijuana’s cannabinoids are beneficial in the treatment of specific ailments and symptoms:

Relieves Pain – Analgesic – (THCCBDCBNCBCCBGa)
Suppresses appetite / Helps with weight loss – Anorectic – (THCv)
Kills or slows bacteria growth – Antibacterial – (CBDCBGCBCa)
Reduces blood sugar levels – Anti-diabetic – (CBD)
Reduces vomiting and nausea – Anti-emetic – (THCCBD)
Reduced seizures and convulsion – Anti-epileptic – (CBDTHCv )

Marijuana’s Top 5 Cannabinoids

In order to help today’s MMJ patients locate useful information in their quest to learn more about the plants cannabinoids, has compiled a helpful collection of the most recently published studies on cannabinoids in our forums section. In addition to the scientific info, one of the more useful pages in the forums section provides an informative outline of marijuana’s most useful cannabinoids, long suspected of helping patients alleviate some of their chronic symptoms. Cannabinoids like – THC, CBD, CBN, CBC, and CBG – are heavy hitters in the fast-changing world of modern medicine. These five unique cannabinoids work in synchronicity, accomplishing what Western medicine hasn’t.

As the restrictions against studying the cannabis plant fall by the wayside, cannabinoid-based studies have consistently shown that the CBD cannabinoid is nothing short of a modern day wonder compound. Shown to be effective in killing specific cancer cells, today’s high CBD pot strains are also treating pediatric epilepsy, providing comfort for multiple sclerosis patients, all without the ‘elevated’ psychoactive effect associated with smoking weed.

Cannabinoids and you…

As medical marijuana research evolves and the beneficial cannabinoids are identified, cultivators for medical marijuana collectives can propagate cannabinoid specific strains. Crossbreeding in strains which increase or decrease certain cannabinoids – targeting them at specific symptoms and ailments. With the advent of today’s marijuana testing centers, today’s licensed growers and collectives can easily test their supplies in order to identify the strains primary active cannabinoids. Helping to make their Budtenders strain selection more knowledgeable, and therefore more beneficial to the patient.

Thanks to today’s modern cultivation equipment marijuana crops are turned relatively quickly. With observant strain selection, careful pollination processes, and a firm understanding of crossbreeding, today’s growers can easily produce new strains with a myopic focus on specific symptoms on a fairly frequent basis. While most have already identified the strain that works best for them, some patients struggle to find that perfect gene pool for washing away their aches and pains. To help fix that, has created a strain page that identifies beneficial strains for the different ailments marijuana is known help.

For example:

  • Epilepsyby clicking on this ailment we can break down the different strains that have been identified as possessing beneficial properties such as; Purple Kush (Indica, 15.9% THC, .4% CBD) or Pineapple (Sativa, 17.1% THC, .6% CBD). 

Understanding the different cannabinoid profiles can help save a lot of time when faced with a shelf full of meds at your local dispensary. Doing some advanced research from home educates the patient, making them a better consumer and a healthier patient, one who is prepared to knowledgeably discuss their medicinal requirements with their Budtender during their next visit.



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