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With summer almost hear… it’s just about Carnival time. Forget about the house of mirrors  and the scary clowns, as this strain of weed offers an incredibly soothing ride.

Basic Info:  Thought to originate in Northern California with a Central American connection, Carnival is a bastard strain. Its hybridized genetics are thought to be the offspring of a father of mysterious Sativa origin – said to have been a cross between Santa Maria, Haze, and a Mexican strain from South of the border. For those Haze connoisseurs in the crowd, many will immediately recognize the not too subtle presence of the hybrid’s flavor locked in this favorite summertime strain.

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Growth and Seed Info: Fighting her predisposed Sativa genetics, Carnival looks nothing like the average Sativa plants (Christmas tree shaped). Rather, she’s a stalky little lady that prefers bushing out. With branches like raptors arms; think short and limited, this strain kicks butt when cultivated within a Sea of Green technique. Should this strain be grown as a multi-branched plant (not suggested), the cultivators at the Ministry of cannabis suggest topping the plants for optimal yields. This strain flourishes in both hydroponic and soiled growing conditions, and has demonstrated a fortified resistance to both molds and parasites. Indoors, the buds hit full maturation approximately 9 weeks after the light cycle switch, or around beginning of October for the outdoor grower. The genetics in this strain thrive in a slightly warmer climate, so when grown outdoors… Warmer is better.

The flowers from Carnival are tight, resin encrusted nugs with a glistening sheen of THC that cloaks their light green tropical interior. This strains phenotypes create sun leaves that are thick and range from light to dark green. Carnivals scent is strong and fresh, yet un-intrusive – keeping the grow room from becoming a bust. While this strain is not overly difficult to cultivate, it’s not an ideal strain for the newbie cultivator, and benefits from a more experienced grower.

Scent: Like the summertime event she was named after, Carnival is a lively and energetic strain with a set of invigorating flavonoids, bridging the gap of a sweet dried grape with lemon and Haze.

Affect: The Carnival high provides a euphoric ride through the mind’s dark circus. Relaxing the senses quickly, this strain leaves its users in a tranquil and entertaining mood, ready to celebrate life.

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