Nebraska Gov. Signs Hemp Bill Into Law


With the flood of great marijuana/cannabis news being harvested on a daily basis, sometimes awesome stories get missed. For instance. On April 2, Nebraska’s Governor Dave Heineman put pen to paper and signed their states hemp bill (LB 1001). Taking effect the moment it was signed, hemp instantly became perfectly legal to cultivate in the state of Nebraska for research purposes, as of April 2, 2014.

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Representing a solid step forward for the state, under LB 1001, the University of Nebraska and the Department of Agriculture will now be allowed to grow hemp for research purposes. This hemp-tastic news was made possible thanks to the recent passage of the US farm bill, which contained an amendment to allow the cultivation of Hemp in states that have passed legislation allowing such activities.

Joining the fast growing crop of other states that have passed similar legislation, Nebraska will now join California, Colorado, Kentucky, Montana, Maine, North Dakota, Vermont, Oregon, Washington, and West Virginia, in competing with China and Canada for the international hemp dollar. Currently, the United States imports approximately $500 million annually in hemp while prohibiting the cultivation by American farmers.


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