Studies Show Pot Smoking and High IQs Go Hand-in-Hand


Everyone knows that scholastically inclined person; the quiet kid with good grades and a skyrocketing IQ. The one who can who can play chess, explain the nature of the universe in latin – all while smoking you under the table.

Well, apparently that’s not just an anomaly…

Last month, a 30 year, 39,000 person Canadian study was published comparing tobacco smoking with pot smoking in teens. Shocking some but not all, scientists discovered the popularity of pot and cigarettes in 1981 was the opposite of today. Back then, cigarettes were the norm and pot was the counterculture habit; flash forward 20+ years and those positions have reversed! In addition to the seismic change of social norms, the study also found pot smokers do better in school than their tobacco smoking peers! Which got some people thinking; do smart students smoke pot?

According to the study, getting high doesn’t make you any less intelligent… At least, not for long.

The Australian study from the National University found the misguided notion of the dumb Stoner was based on an accidental statistical bias. Once the researchers began to control for intelligence, income and social ability, science found people who smoke pot are hardly lacking in the IQ department.

While a 2001 study by Harvard found long-term heavy pot users may fog their short-term memory, the study also noted that short-term memory of heavy pot smokers returns after a month of abstinence.

Granted, the idea of establishing an individual’s IQ can be and controversial idea, but a long-term study in the British medical Journal (BMJ) took the IQ of 8000 British children aged five and 10 years old in the 1970s. Then they went back to those same people and ask them about their psychological distress and drug use and ages 16 and 30. The researchers controlled for anxiety and depression as a team, parental social class, and lifetime income levels. By the time the subjects were 30, one in three men and one in six women had used pot. Turns out, men and women with high IQs scores at age 5, were 50% more likely to be in the using population by age 30.


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