These Easter-Themed Edibles Will Blow Your Mind (And Get You Really High)


When it comes to edibles, I’m generally not into the lavish, indulgent types. I normally prefer to eat a basic, small edible, and blow my post-edible munchies (and calories) load on a pint of Ice Cream. Thus, I typically believe that edibles are best kept simple and without tons of sugar.

But, as is usually the case, the creative cannabis community on Instagram has shown me the light sugar and I can’t get it out of my mind. Chronic Desserts–based out of San Diego–instantly became one of my favorite follows when I first glazed upon their chocolate-covered Twinkies about a month ago.

The folks down in Pacific Beach are doing to edibles what no man (or woman) has done before: creating lavish, customized, and what look to be delicious treats. Yes, they’re a diabetics worst nightmare (and a sure HIGHway to Diabetes Junction).

But…damn do they look good. I mean, just look at them. And then wish you were in San Diego to buy one of these on Easter:

That’s a 480 MG THC cake for a mere 60 bucks…

So, clearly, these cakes are highly medicated (and relatively affordable)! A 100MG chocolate bar goes for $15-20 bucks, so you’re getting the same bang for your buck–in a waaay more customized, creative way. One slice of that cake equates to 60MG of THC and enough cake for 8 people. Considering 30MG gets my lifted, that means 8 people could get Workaholics-level high.

Wait for it…


It’s just beautiful to see a clearly talented pastry chef merge his (or her?) inner foodie with his inner stoner. While Chronic Desserts has begun as a niche-brand in Southern California (San Diego primarily)–and may appall some–they could clearly appeal to a mass market of chocolate fiends.

Hopefully ones with very fast metabolisms. Because they’re even doing weddings!

And while yes, these may not be every day edibles for patients, they have a place. Weddings–along with birthdays and holidays–are the time to indulge. No one I know would say know to this kind of chronic innovation.

Again, I’m not a huge edible guy, but whatever they’re baking in San Diego has the looks of something special. And I want that something special in my belly.

Follow Chronic Desserts on Instagram and scope out their whole page. Just bring a rubber!

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