Wisconsin's Dane County Approves Marijuana Legalization Referendum


Wisconsin’s Dane County is ending the week on a high note. Voters in the state’s second most populous county cast their ballots to approve an advisory referendum to legalize recreational marijuana – smoking the vote 64.5% – 35.5% in favor of the referendum.

After winning the District 5 election Tuesday night, Board Supervisor Leland Pan, said he anticipates the marijuana referendum’s passage would dramatically reduce the current racial disparities in Dane County. Pan explained that legalizing marijuana would help lower incarceration rates, especially for African-Americans.

Demonstrating the fast-growing support for marijuana legalization in the state of Wisconsin, a 2013 poll released by Marquette University law school discovered that 50% of registered voters in the state support the forward thinking idea of legalizing marijuana. Leaving the minority (44%) of pot haters holding the bag of prohibition.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvsFBf4sU68]

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