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Colorado Sold $19 Million Worth of Weed in March While State Crime Rates Decreased


Colorado’s recreational marijuana market continued its upward trend in March, selling close to $19 million worth of legal weed, with $1.9 million of that money going straight to the government and Colorado’s schools (see: the tax). All told, according to PolicyMic, Colorado’s recreational dispensaries have earned the $7.3 million in tax dollars this year which sets it yearly pace to about $30 million.

But if those numbers keep climbing and shops keep opening, that loose estimate will rise closer to $40 million–and that doesn’t factor in the $5 million earned from medical marijuana purchases. While far off original estimates in Colorado (calling for over $60 million), these numbers are hard proof: the recreational model and medical marijuana models can co-exist, thrive, and benefit a state in sync (take notes Washington).

For reference, the medical marijuana market saw $35 million in sales in March. Which hopefully doesn’t get Colorado’s government contemplating a heavier tax on that very important branch of the industry.

And while the sales go up, the crime goes down.Crime rates in Colorado have dropped by 10.6% while Dunkin Donuts has begun expanding its brand in the state (really).

This chart from PolicyMic says it all:

Is it ludicrous to conclude that perhaps happy, stoned people have no time for violence and expend their energy elsewhere? Probably, but it’s looking more and more like a reality. When you legalize this plant, people have less to be angry about–and less angry people means less crime.

The only draw back of legalization in Colorado? It’s snowing in May. But only Nancy Grace would attribute that to ganja and not global warming. And whether Nancy and the haters like it or not, more recreational dispensaries are coming to Denver, Boulder, and beyond.

According to our big brother Weedmaps, there are currently 97 recreational dispensaries in Colorado, and that number should hit 100 in the next few weeks. And continue climbing higher. And higher. And higher.

You can view all of these recreational facilities right here.


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