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Obama Orders 1,430 Pounds of Weed for “Medical Research”


Typically, the University of Mississippi annually grows about 45 pounds of year so the National Institutes on Drug Abuse can “conduct research” on the medical benefits of cannabis. But, with mounting pressure to federally legalize or at least decriminalize marijuana, President Barry Obama has upped the ante on this year’s Kush order by about 50 times.

So the University of Mississippi will provide a mammoth1,430 pounds of marijuana–with an estimated street value of $650,000–so scientists and doctors and people who actually have a say on national drug policy can gain a better understanding of marijuana as medicine. Even if we already know it’s the best kind of medicine.

That’s a lot of dope, even for study purposes. Will they be cooking up medibles in Mississippi? Building closed-loop extraction machines and figuring out how to make a strain with 100% THC? Or are they just trying to hotbox Willie Nelson’s tour bus.

Who knows, but hopefully they find something about marijuana we don’t already know (see: helps Epilepsy, MS, Chemotherapy, etc. etc), and speeds up the legalization process. Cause believe it or not, the DEA is playing ball:

The DEA rule says the production increase is needed to ensure NIDA has enough product on which to conduct its research.

“NIDA recently notified the DEA that it required additional supplies of marijuana to be manufactured in 2014 to provide for current and anticipated research efforts involving marijuana,” the rule stated. “The DEA was unaware of NIDA’s additional need at the time the initial aggregate production quote for marijuana was established in September 2013.

Since admitting marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol, we’ve been awaiting Obama’s next move. While it won’t be legalization by way of executive order, it will be a needed influx of medical marijuana research–a field America remains way behind the 8-ball (and Israel) in.

“The aggregate production quote for marijuana should be increased in order to provide a continuous and uninterrupted supply of marijuana in support of DEA-registered researchers who are approved by the Federal Government to utilize marijuana in their research protocols.”

The rule shows the government can get as much pot as it needs, something most Americans still cannot do given that marijuana is a controlled substance. [The Blaze]

College students all across the country just applied for internships at the National Institutes on Drug Abuse…for “research” purposes.


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  1. Smarter Thanu on

    If I ever get the police called on me for smoking pot, I’ll tell them it’s for “Medical Research” !

  2. NewbombTurk on

    Im all for increased testing, but Barry has his hands in the mix, and that could spell trouble down the road.

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