Bill Clinton Issues Support for Legal Weed: “Leave it to the States”


Bill Clinton has officially joined the Marijuana Majority. During the Clinton family’s visit to Denver, Colorado last week for the “Clinton Global Initiative”, the former President was interviewed by NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Since this appearance was in Denver–where weed is successfully legal–anchor David Gregory broached the cannabis legalization subject, asking Bill if America should “give pot a chance?”

Without missing a beat, Bill Clinton chuckled, and casually jokes: “Rocky Mountain High.” Then, all jokes aside, the former President added more muster to his recent admission that he did in fact inhale marijuana in college.

Here’s what America’s potential inaugural “first gentleman” had to say:

“I think there’s a lot of evidence to argue for the medical marijuana thing… I think we should leave it to the states… If the state wants to try it, they can.”

Clinton’s clearcut support for letting states make their own marijuana rules echoes his wife’s recent statements. As her run for President heats up, both Clintons appear content to accept and endorse medical marijuana–but not all out legalization. And it’s both a savvy political play and a sign of the times.

While Clinton was notoriously tough on cannabis and drug offenders during his reign, his frank and accurate statement shows yet another changing of a mind that matters. The opposition for legalization continues to wane and fall upon deaf ears.

Likewise, if Hillary Clinton is America’s next President, it looks increasingly imminent that she will let states set and moderate their own marijuana policies without interference. And that would be a boon for America’s pot prophecy.

You can watch the entire Clinton on weed segment here, courtesy of Raw Story:

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