Hillary Clinton Issues Mild Support for Medical Marijuana


The likely Democratic Presidential Candidate in 2016, Hillary Clinton unofficially began her media push with an interview on CNN’s “Town Hall” last night. Throughout the session, Clinton was asked an array of questions about the United States’ current landscape, issuing pointed responses throughout.

Fortunately, CNN brought cannabis reform into the spotlight, asking Clinton–who has opposed marijuana legislation in the past–to comment on America’s evolving policies, specifically in Washington and Colorado. While she didn’t go so far to endorse legalizing marijuana nation-wide, or admit her husband did in fact inhale, she issued a moderate voice of confidence for medical marijuana.

While her words may be both moderate and calculated, they do seem to represent her belief (or campaign’s belief) that medical marijuana should keep progressing in America.

“I don’t think we’ve done enough research yet although I think for people who are in extreme medical conditions and have anecdotal evidence that it works, there should be availability under appropriate circumstances.

Her comment about research is a frustrating one that politicians frequently bring up, failing to note the myriad of studies out there that do in fact prove marijuana’s health benefits. And they’re the same comments she made in 2007, when she (erroneously) stated her opposition of decriminalization.

But, her latter statements show an evolution in thought and a willingness to accept the plain fact that cannabis can be used as very real medicine for the sick.

“At the risk of committing radical candor, I have to say, I think we need to be very clear about the benefits of marijuana use for medicinal purposes.”

A presidential candidate will never go out and say “we should legalize marijuana.” And unfortunately, it appears unlikely that Hillary wants to even speak about that subject.

While it would be nice for her to recognize the economic and societal benefits of all out legalization, these words are probably the best we’ll get from Hillary …at least until she’s actually sitting in the White House.

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  1. Carl Parsons on

    Anything Clinton has to say about marajuana will be a lie, she’s 100% anti marajuana, but she know how the public feels about it. So if she wants to win the election, she knows that condeming pot will condemn her chances

    • She will not keep her word, you are completely correct, she will lie to get in office then back peddle and make no change. I wont vote for anyone that does not have a good record of fighting for us before they want any office.

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