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This Congressman Wants to Prevent Washington D.C. from Decriminalizing Marijuana


As many politicians across the country begin to see the social, economic and political benefits of pro-marijuana legislation, there are  some who still view cannabis solely as a drug rather than medicine.

Congressman Andy Harris (R-MD) is a vocal member of the latter group, and he plans to act on his beliefs in the coming weeks to strike down the marijuana law recently passed by the D.C. City Council and signed by Mayor Vincent Gray. The law pledged to lower the penalty for possession of small amounts of marijuana from a felony to a misdemeanor.

Now, Congressman Harris is trying to take advantage of a loophole to reverse the decision.

Rather than addressing the issue forthright, Congressman Harris will exploit the power he wields on the House Appropriations Committee to remove the word “federal” from a spending measure. In doing so, the Committee would in turn prevent the federal government and the District of Columbia from spending its own money to change drug related penalties.

Moreover, Harris’s actions may also prevent D.C. from increasing its access to medical marijuana.

Harris, who is himself as a physician, does not believe that marijuana is safe.

“There is more evidence every day that it is not safe,” Harris to reporters at the Daily Beast.

What that evidence is exactly, we don’t know. Chances are he doesn’t either.

Has Andy Harris ever given marijuana a fair trial? Has he ever tried it himself? We respect the Congressman’s right to his own opinion, but when his inability to objectively examine said opinions spells jail time and inferior healthcare for american citizens it becomes all of our problem.

If you feel like discussing Congressman Harris’ opinions with the Congressman himself, send him an e-mail here.

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  1. Thank You Congressman Andy Harris (R-MD), You just made it easier to find those that need to be removed from my government.

    Wow, Claiming that your training makes you smarter then everyone. Well lucky for us, we know how to vote.

  2. I wonder what his personal motivation is for trying to deny relief to those who need it. At any rate, he has outed himself and now he needs to be removed from any position of leadership in America. VOTE HIM OUT !

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