Bill O’Reilly Fires Back, Calls All Stoners “Morons”


After attempting–and miserably failing–to show his audience that Americans do not want marijuana legalized, Fox News pundit Bill O’Reilly took to his stand on The O’Reilly Factor for his just the “Tip of the Day.”

O’Reilly’s “tip” was simple: stoners and pot activists fixed my poll because they are morons who spend too much time on the internet. Yes, we did “fix” your poll, Bill, by rallying as a far stronger–and larger–community than your audience will ever be.

But your poll wasn’t exactly the first to ask if marijuana should be legalized. In fact, three separate polls in the last year all asked the exact same question.

And you know what those more filtered and off the internet polls discovered?

That over 50% of Americans support marijuana legalization.

Yes, Bill, we stormed your poll. But we did so to prove two points: that you can’t stop marijuana and that you are a dolt. We did both.

In fact, your hatred for cannabis actually provides incredible comic relief:

“There are morons everywhere and you try to stay away from them but on the internet, sometimes you can’t.”

Now I won’t, under any circumstance, ever watch a Bill O’Reilly or Nancy Grace show. But I would tune into a show in which they’re thrown onto Gilligan’s Island (with Kevin Sabet) and forced to survive on Hemp and only Hemp.

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  1. Uum Bill, I think you just called our last three presidents morons. All two term presidents by the way. That includes the mass murderer Bush.

  2. only morons put up polls on biased sites and quote them as facts. The fact is he should be grateful we made it statistically valid. This guy is a tool.

  3. Lynn Boostedt on

    Spoken as a true pot hating bigot. Who only knows what he was told in some DARE program. So, You must think the 1000’s of doctor’s and scientists are moron’s to. Face it pal you have lost this battle. From ages 18 to 88 are leaning toward medical cannabis.

  4. It takes some time and a little work, but all you have to do is fact-check any right-winger’s statement thats an obvious attempt at public opinion manipulation, and you’ll find that facts are not on their side. It’ll either be a case of desperate wishful thinking trying to salvage a damaged belief or denial- in a bubble- and on pluto. Sometimes the Right is aware they’re absolutely dead wrong about something very important, but must make a confusing joke out of anyone who will listen to them hoping to at least piss off as many as possible.

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