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Bill O’Reilly’s Marijuana Legalization Poll Completely Backfires


Yesterday, Fox News pundit Bill O’Reilly and his team posed the following question on O’Reilly’s poll center:

Do you favor the legalization of marijuana?

The poll’s purpose was, in O’Reilly’s pipe dream world, to facilitate an extremely negative response and then to air a segment on The O’Reilly Factor derailing cannabis legalization (like he did Monday night). By polling his own audience, O’Reilly and his team could paint a delusional picture, but one supported by “data.”

And at first, it worked. 81% of the initial voters responded with a resolute “No.”

Then, the internet caught wind of the poll, made it go viral in the cannabis community, and worked its marijuana magic.

First, NORML posted the following message to its constituency on Facebook:

NORML Nation: Bill O’Reilly is hosting a poll on marijuana legalization, but unlike most polls, we are losing! Click to vote and turn the tide. Let’s show Prohibitionist O’Reilly that it is time to end the madness and legalize marijuana. Think we can flip these results?

That post got over 3,000 likes and 1,500 shares. Despite feeling “dirty” by giving O’Reilly’s poll serious web traffic, the NORML community rallied, and hit the poll hard.

UPDATE: We went from 18% for, 81% against (1,483 votes) to 70% for, 30% opposed (~4,000 votes) in about 20 minutes. Good work everyone!

Then, the same message made its to Reddit’s popular marijuana community. Then, this happened:

oreilly poll

Update: The poll is holding steady with legal weed holding a comfortable 90%-10% lead.

This graphic paints a clear picture: the internet’s love of legal weed has become a force that cannot be reckoned with.

It’s unclear whether or not O’Reilly will ever air this ironic poll which pretty much derails his entire anti-pot hypothesis. It is clear that if Bill O’Reilly and Nancy Grace had a baby, the world would be doomed.

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Barry has been writing about marijuana for over five years. Prior to joining, Barry wrote about sports and music. His work has appeared on TIME, The Huffington Post, Deadspin, and elsewhere on the Internet. In his spare time, he enjoys disco and Kosher Kush.


  1. The best part of this was ‘if Bill O’reilly and nancy grace had a baby’ holy shit that would be one fucked up marijuana hating baby.

  2. Bill’s body language in the photo above speaks volumes about the man, and how he sees others in ‘his’ world.

  3. Hopefully things like this not only help the legalization movement, but also the movement to get ignorant hate-mongers off TV. Morons like Bill and Nancy should not be allowed on TV spreading their bullshit to anyone willing to listen.

    • well if FDR wouldnt have hired Anslinger to educate people, they wouldnt think like they do. Racist Democrats caused this problem.

      • Hagbard Celine on

        Anslinger’s lies have been debunked for decades so you’ll have to find another way to blame Democrats.

      • Hey dave- you really think by making a statement thats the opposite in the nature of what a political group believes in typically,that you right-wingers could get the public to have a false understanding of things?? The population is still continuing to grow and favor our side (the left), so who would you be pulling to your side when the majority is moving in positive direction, away from the right? Do you guys even understand statistics in the masses? what up man?

      • at this point?? it is authoritarians Vs. libertarians……the issue cuts across party lines…….with plenty of haters on both sides of the aisle…..

      • It’s one thing to share your opposing views. It’s a whole other thing to lie and misinform the public, which Fox does on a regular basis.

  4. Bill O’reilly says whatever Bill O’reilly thinks best serves Bill O’reilly at that particular time.

    • Robert Vallentyne on

      Do you think O’reily wasn’t rigging his own poll? And where is your data that pot heads don’t work coming from? And O’reily deserved to have his poll rigged against him for trying such an idiotic way to show his point in the first place.

    • rejectrepublicanlies on

      Really funny, Jeff. Potheads are all around you, Jeff, and they work. It’s not my cup of tea, pun intended, but I know many people that love it. They have to make some serious jack to afford the new strains, so I’m pretty sure they’re working, Jeff.

    • what a dumb ass comment that was??…….where do you get your data?? most stoners I know are gainfully employed and college educated….but that is probably because I am……

  5. Chad Millard on

    All I can say is that you must have been on something really good when you wrote this article. Seriously? The only thing that was proved by the poll (which O’Reilly has always welcomed opposing views on his polls) is that Reddit and NORML users are on the internet all the time.

    • It proved that O’Reilly viewers are only a small segment. His point was to show the people aren’t for legalization and he failed.

  6. He’s in a pickle. He has to admit most want it legalized or say his polls are worthless. Or he’ll ignore the poll and hope it will go away. Btw Bill, that’s not going to happen.

  7. That’s what Bill was counting on, only the results were not what he expected. He can’t even get the vote to reflect what he wanted it to, on his own site!

  8. diditweetthat on

    Still think stoners are lazy Bill?

    Sorry we weren’t sitting on our asses watching your senseless drivel… like your viewers (retired and/or lazy daytime TV watchers)

    We were off accomplishing great things, but had to stop by to let you know that you are wrong about Marijuana Legalization. It is time!!!

    You’re welcome,

    The Not So Lazy Stoners

  9. Bill O’Reilly won’t debate anybody real in the Marijuana legalization movement because he will lose face.. and the public will see him as the phony he is. Debate someone who doen’t share your “Fox news” bias attitude…more grandstanding for the ratings of a subpar newsman. Look me up on Facebook O’Reilly… Lets debate if you have the………. nerve…..

  10. I am in favor of legalizing ALL drugs for use by consenting adults, provided it’s illegal to spend any public money treating the effects.

    Freedom to choose. Freedom FROM the choices of others. That is what freedom is.

    • Robert Vallentyne on

      If you legalize drugs, it would save Billions of dollars on prison costs, police costs, court costs and generate tax revenue. There would be PLENTY of money to treat people with addition problems. I have no problem with doing that.

    • Freedom from the choices of others? Until you need help right? What if you got hit by a bus today? Because you chose to walk in front of it, you think the public health system should help you? I do, know why, it’s called humanitarian.

      I do agree with your comment about the topic, (para) “all drugs should be legal to consenting adults”. But there’s no money in freedom, they can’t justify the number of military, police and prisons they build with your stolen tax dollars to protect themselves from the people.

      America, if you think you’re not in a police state, try speeding. Police is the government army to protect them from the citizens.

    • While legalizing weed is a great idea… legalizing ALL drugs isn’t. I see no inherent benefit from legalizing Meth, or PCP, or Cocaine. Hell, once we legalize weed we should move to get Tobacco made illegal since it has no intrinsic benefit that comes with use and kills more people then most street drugs combined

      • we already tried prohibition……it doesn’t work on any drugs…….Criminalizing heroin for instance?? keep addicts from seeking help, because they will be charged with a crime….which is absurd…they have a disease……Switzerland has cut down on heroin abuse?? because they legalized it, while sponsoring state controlled supply…..cutting down on the number of bad doses……..

        • OR_Coast_Greenman on

          Exactly… Prohibition has NEVER worked… For any substance. The extreme prices prohibition creates for these substances creates the motivation for cartels and addicts to “market” them to your child on the street corner.

          A regulated, non-commercial (not for profit, no advertising) dispensary system with licensed pharmacists dispensing, and the offer of free addiction treatment would be a highly harm reducing model, over what we have now.

          Addicts (and black market dealers) would have no motivation to hook your kids or mine if there’s no money to be made, and they wouldn’t be committing crimes to pay the artificial high prices created by prohibition. Cartels would be de-funded overnight, and addicts could spare change to get their daily fix…

  11. Why the assumption that the poll “backfired”? The man’s opinion on the subject isn’t required to follow public opinion. It’s called “thinking for yourself.”

    • Finnegan A Lemerian on

      “The poll’s purpose was, in O’Reilly’s pipe dream world, to facilitate an extremely negative response and then to air a segment on The O’Reilly Factor derailing cannabis legalization (like he did Monday night).”

      Reading comprehension can be fun and profitable.

  12. Robert Vallentyne on

    Calling for a vote from your conservative viewers is not random sampling. That is why it was initially so biased in the opposite direction. Neither his first tactic or the resulting backlash is mathematically significant.

    • what IS “mathematically signifigant”….is the fact that legalization has been polling near 60% lately……..

  13. Robert Vallentyne on

    As much as I would like to agree with you,it does not. It shows 90%/10% of certain groups of people. Not the country as a whole. Look at the election results. That means more.

  14. Justsomeguy151 on

    Please don’t be a hypocritical Libtard. BOTH criminal cartels have sold out We the People. There are plenty of Libtards that favor prohibition of some kind against law abiding civilians.

      • That’s called “Post Natal Abortion”, as perpetrated by Serial Killers and over zealous Police Officers in the USA for many years….

      • Robert S Raper on

        Abortion is as wrong as Probition is and I learned from my moma that two wrongs do not make right. Someone should hope the child would grow up to think for there self and not take BS for fact happy takeing and end Probition

  15. so if the conservatives are the ones against it, and the dems are for it, why didnt they legalize it in 09? Many conservatives are against prohibition, but like anybody else, talk shit about em, see if they’ll give a shit. I know Obama doesnt, I know Clinton didnt,

    • Mostly because the republican/democrat “parties” is a big scam. Most politicians on both sides take the money from private prisons, alcohol, big pharma, etc to keep marijuana illegal. I haven’t smoked it for over 20 years, so it’s not like I have a vested interest in it being legal other than knowing it’s the right thing to do.

  16. Ultra_Kraken on

    I’m all for marijuana legalization, but, seriously, I don’t think pharmaceutical companies are standing in the way. If marijuana was really a miracle cure and if it were legal, I guarantee you various pharmaceutical companies would just develop and market their own strains of “super weed” to sell.

    • Perhaps, except for the fact that weed is a plant you can grow in the ground, and if they were to make such a drug legal, folks would be able to grown and sell their own, at the very least there would be A LOT more completion for manufactures of the “best” product. It could lead to people actually treating -and worse- potentially curing illnesses that used to kill them slowly over the course of just enough years to drain them of money as they continue with poisonous Chemo treatments. I’ve seen too much of American greed to think this isn’t possible or even likely. Just imagine a huge pile of money, now imagine people accustomed to getting these huge piles of money having a choice between less money for themselves and people living longer/better lives at lower cost to the individual. When it was a choice between families losing their homes and jobs and bankers getting more money, bankers chose money. More health means less money for the pharmaceutical industry, which means they’ll do anything to keep less profitable solutions off the table, no matter their benefit to the public.

      • I agree with some of what you say, but as far as I know HIV and Ebola pretty much thumb their noses at Chemo and almost everything else so the drug companies won’t be going out of business any time soon.

      • Just like growing your own tobacco for the purpose of selling it. The Govn’t will need to get their 2 cents in. You’d prob be allowed to grow it. You would prob be allowed to sell the whole leaves as long as the mid rib is not removed. But in order to make, roll, and sell your own “Brand”, you would likely need to buy a license for that, so they can tax it. Some states also have limitations on how much tobacco you can grow, which I believe is 2/10ths of an acre…so I think it would be identical with weed.

    • they don’t want it ON the legal market???…. because they KNOW IT is the miracle cure…..(I would know, being a grower of high CBD cannabis)and it will cut into their profits because they CANNOT keep “super-weed” from being grown in peoples backyards, and “super-oil” being processed in their kitchens…….they have a neat little arrangement with regards to Federal law, because they CANNOT duplicate the effects of the “entourage effect”(look it up)… a lab with synthetic drugs……

    • Have you ever noticed how most drugs are harmful to a person? Drug companies spend a lot of money making sure their drugs are toxic, but not too toxic that they can’t be used. However, as people age and take more drugs, they start into this cycle where they are treating side-effect symptoms of the drugs they are taking with more drugs!

      This spiral of drug taking by single users is fueling the drug companies profits. They make their money on the people they mess up the most, just like street drug dealers.
      The stupid model they use for marijuana users even got them to develop FEN FEN, which blocks marijuana from working, but it does so by damaging your nervous system so bad suicide is actually a “side effect”. They invented to drug to treat a “problem” that doesn’t even exist and this “safer option” actual kills people instead. The drug companies say their models are right, but they aren’t.
      Marijuana is used by people to lower the number of pills they need to take. Really, why would you want for drug companies to start manufacturing different marijuana based drugs when they will specifically look for ways to make the chemicals in the plant into toxic drugs???

  17. steve mountain man allakum on

    It’s the same as alcohol. The only difference is that I’ve never witnessed a pothead fly into a Mary Jane fueled rage and fight or beat somebody. I have seen the opposite from drinkers. I’ve never done pot myself but have many friends who have. My take is that pot makes people probably a little lazier and dumber (long term) than drinkers, but probably more passive at the same time, and less of a danger to others. I don’t care personally.

  18. Train your kids to be potheads?? In the state I live in, they sell liquor on the highways…

    Do you form intelligent opinions or are you always this stupid?

  19. JustThinkingLogically on

    Bil O’reilly’s personal opinion is just that. Instead of hating on the guy, try to understand his concerns and provide a thoughtful rebuttal. Disagreement is fine and should be used to dialog where people don’t agree, personal slander is not.

    • Clayton Moore on

      Yeah, I just tried the link this morning, it is now blank on my computer too. I guess if the results don’t go in your favor, you just make the link quit working.

  20. All of these polls are biased (especially O’reilly’s). What is needed is a non-biased poll. I am all for legalization, but self-serving polls mean nothing. Of course pot smokers are going to poll in favor. ;P

  21. One poll, completely overwhelmed by “stoners” to the point it gets shut down, then another one opened, which promptly gets overwhelmed by more “stoners”.

    So much for the theory that pot smokers are lazy. ALL the lies and propaganda are being stripped away. Colorado? 8 months legal, thriving economy, $Millions in revenue, decreases in crime and traffic fatalities. No more money or livelihoods wasted on prohibition. In other words, sanity.

    The drug war kills people. The drug itself does not. Cannabis is completely non-toxic; nobody has *ever* died of an overdose. This, alone, is reason enough to end prohibition.

  22. Justin Graziano on

    Amazing how Republicans like Bill O’Reilly support allowing insurance companies to deny healthcare to sick dying people “in the name of freedom”, but at the same time want it to be a crime to smoke a harmless plant in your own home.

    • Pádráig O'Gáirmléadháigh on

      It may not in itself change anything but it does go a way toward sane legislation, where politicians make laws based on what people want not large multinational corporations, and especially the Alcohol lobby which is worth billions in revenue and taxes, but which at the same time costs the country, any country, huge amounts of money in health problems, broken families and broken lives. When was the last time you heard that charge levelled at Marijuana, a crop that has untold benefits for the entire planet and its inhabitants….

  23. Marques McMillian on

    pointless poll. pointless article. You gotta come stronger than this when you want to take down the king of bullshit mountain.

    • We (Democratic progressive majority participants) don’t need to manipulate any poll, nor do we even have to convince any boby of anything,(being the majority) We’re on the side of an issue that we’re proud to believe in, and reject those groups and ppl that are shameful. It’s that easy, just do the right thing, and ignore those that are boneheads. Why are you guys on the right so confused about reality ??

      • Your statement is totally a boneheaded one. The democratic progressives are not the majority and lots of liberals and their websites manipulate polls…. the fact that you don’t recognize this is in itself scary. It just so happens that the majority of both liberals and conservatives despite what GOP reps may say like Bill O’Reilly are for legalizing marijuana. It is a topic most Americans agree on despite what party you stand for.

        • I agree….this issue cuts across party lines, making you either a libertarian on Cannabis or an authoritarian….

      • Oswald_Chesterfield_Cobblepot on

        Are you high right now? And I’m not talking about marijuana, I’m talking about something that causes you to literally hallucinate, say stupid things, and make even dumber assumptions. I’m a pot smoker. I have smoked for 20 years. I live in Colorado. I voted yes on Amendment 64. I have supported the legalization of marijuana since I even knew what it was. Trying to state that I’m some right winger, is a reach. Democrats are as big a part of the problem as some Republicans. Liberals consistently fight against the legalization of controlled substances, as much as Republicans do. You aren’t really helping yourself by associating yourself with the Democratic progressive group.

        • Your evidence for this surprising claim, “Liberals consistently fight against the legalization of controlled substances, as much as Republicans do.” is what precisely?

      • Thr dems are not, nor have they ever been, the majority, at least not sence LBJ looted the SSI trust fund to buy black votes. The republican leadership are the problem. They wont put their parties program up for a vote because they are progressives themselfs and stop real conservative candidates from coming to power. (Also they are guttless wonders)
        The majority of voters are true conservatives and, by the way, would vote to do away with most of the government, as it is too expensive and does not work

    • the link doesn’t work because he relocated it to his “premium polls” section. you have to pay to access the link

  24. Robert Scalzi on

    I now have coffee all over my keyboard – thanks for nothing – a B.O. + Nancy love child – bwa hahahahahaha

      • Yeah, I think that was covered by “corrupt”. They see a brighter future without choice and freedom. And a dimmer one where people make their own decisions. A lot of children are brainwashed too. Racism is from childhood brain washing.

  25. The results of the poll isn’t based on that photo. This subject of marijuana being dealt with by the police and the courts in an unworkable policy is being changed, understand? However, consequences in the other direction may be negative health wise. It shouldn’t have been included in the drug war, now it’s too bad (speaking culturally).

  26. blair houghton on

    Unbalanced poll choices as well. There’s a “yes” and a “maybe” but not a “no”. Classic Fox News. Glad it bit them on the ass anyway.

  27. “It is clear that if Bill O’Reilly and Nancy Grace had a baby, the world would be doomed.” But, they already have: they named it Hannity.

  28. Steve Brickman on

    BO will probably shift ground and moan about how his poll was hijacked, and how this proved the need for strict voter ID laws – it’s those damn liberals trying to stack the deck.

  29. Bill O’Reilly would never, ever, solicit a poll making him look bad or deviate from his Catholic, conservative agenda.

  30. You are not supposed to go into the “Fox Bubble” that is where there whole worldview is “given” to them. Now let them get back to there 2 years of Benghazi debunked “stand down” orders. Fox should order a new tent for their party. Just smaller than the year before.

  31. A poll doesn’t work if one side can hijack it and pass it around like the article flat out admits to. I’m not sure why this is played off as a win of some sort. The average person does not want it legal, whether their reasons are right or wrong. The fact that you can hijack a poll, share it to a select tightly woven community that you know will jump all over it (even voting multiple times most likely) only means that the results are now completely useless, not that they represent the true feelings.

    • “The average person does not want it legal,”

      And I suppose you have actual peer-reviewed data to support that assertion?

        • I didn’t make any assertions as you did.

          So again, you asserted that “The average person does not want it legal,”

          So do you have actual peer-reviewed data to support that assertion or are you just pulling that out of thin air because you want it to be true? Or did yer gut tell ya it must be true?

    • most recent polling has show 58% of the people, do indeeedd, want to legalize it…..try keeping your eye on the ball, when posting with the pros…..

        • so in other words?? you don’t believe the polling numbers?? these numbers(regarding legalization) have been improving for our side, my entire life… you expect people to magically go backwards??(like you want them to?)…..keep sticking your head in the sand…….sorry about the it being 3 mo’s later, but they recycle these threads, as you must know by now, being so up to date……

          • Polls are easy to manipulate. Whether it’s by flooding them by sending a bias group of people to vote or by simply wording the questions in a confusing manner. For example, if a poll question was simple “does the U.S. need to reevaluate its drug policy?” Many would say yes even though they’d say no to being asked if pot should be legal. So a poll is hardly real proof. I know in my area, very few people want that and I’ve seen first hand more than enough reasons for me to oppose it personally.

            You are, of course, welcome to your own opinion just as I am.

  32. If it ever is discussed again, Bill will simply say the integrity of the results were tampered with. He will unveil a new poll, and get it under the radar by having only staff vote. God forbid ANY Fox News program ever actually represent both sides of an argument.

    • he hasn’t though… We are all waiting. White man scared cuz he is surrounded by “!@#$@@” and fears what will happen when those “!@#$%#” have their equal rights restored to them. If i was one of them I would be scared too. WE will have our due and It will come from those that opposed us. War only has winners and losers. Unless they pull the trigger on 100 million Americans they will be the losers. This is not Mexico or China, We the people are not weak and will not be cowed by our government! And our Government knows this or we would be raided with bullets not warrants. Our jails would not be over flowing yet our execution chairs would be red with our freedom fighters! They know they can not win and will not win. IT is why they are too weak to pull the trigger, no one wants to go to jail or be executed for losing a war. If Hitler was hunted to the end of the Earth, the Heads of the NIDA, The DEA and every other Prohibition think tank need to be hunted to the ends the earth.

      Vote Yes on 2

  33. I don’t use pot, but I surely do wish it were legalized so we could move on to more important things. What a waste of time and money the whole thing is!

  34. The worst part is that I just spent 45 seconds reading about the Fixed News boob. What a waste of my precious life.

    • Goodluck Jonathan on

      Because the time cost of voting on a bill orilley poll is way different than coming onto a website for marijuana law reform to troll the comments…. right? At least they have the excuse that they’re tired of being threatened with jail.

  35. Bill O’reilly has never been interested in facts, when he wants to make a point he has so often made up his own set of facts… HOORAY for you guys.. the numbers do say a lot but is government listening?


  36. barrel of cocks, that sounds more like what he’s accustom to . considering how closed minded. an with his sold out views he’s jst a propaganda tool for big biss. an capitol hill . he is a sold out s%%u202A#%u200Et%u202C stain . i have only one ? for him an his high horse . if someone is doing some thing you don’t like, why do you even care . as long as they do not bother you , or your life . what gives you the right to try to dictate and force your views on others I’m sure no one tells you how much liquor you can have or if any at all. I’m glad it all exploded in your face like it did . servers u right Bill suxO’lotacock. jst because u have money an are on tv does not mean you can try an dictate what is good for our country. we the people decide. an jst to let you know all the old school ideas are being tossed out or lost , @ least the unjustifiable , ridicules and or petty crap . one is as our generation is starting to get into office , an as the older gen. loose there

    seats . give it ten years it will be fully legal . no one is telling you how much liquor to drink or if you can have any at all . also jst because the people voted not jst you viewers does not mean the poll was tainted . thats the true definition of discriminations . so that like saying only black peoples or white peoples . so its only your viewers that counted hmmmmm pretty discriminative an all most racist in its self %u2026.. almost you asked the people to vote , an u got it sorry it demasculated on your own show how embarrassing . Poor lil Bill it must be so hard for you bo ho ho%u2026

  37. It’s an informal poll where the results are now known to be skewered. This is the downside to these, only people with the hope of influencing results and policy take them and thus not really reveal what a random sample of Americans really feel. Not data or science at all. Purely political agenda. (Though I take the libertarian stance, what you do on your own, as long as it doesn’t negatively others, is your own business.)

  38. Allan Frazier on

    Which makes me wonder if Bill O’reilly has ever tried marijuana or is this just a ratings grabber? Seems to me that the circles he revolves in would have easy access to the stuff and yet he has never tried? Does he NOT drink alcohol as well? Both intoxicants. Someone slip this man a brownie…SMH.

  39. To start with, I am a stoner so, GO LEGALIZATION! That being said, I just went to O’Reilly’s website and you can only vote if you are a paid member. To me, this questions the validity of this “news piece”. I can’t imagine anyone buying a $50 membership, just to vote. Unless there is another way to access this poll, my opinion is this is propaganda rather than factual. It is also (just my?) opinion, O’Reilly is a douche bag of the highest order!

  40. O’Reilly is such a hypocrite. In his first book, he said he favors marijuana legalization in the chapter that details “surprising facts” about his views.

    But being a lapdog for Fox News, he was probably told to change his view, which he promptly did, apparently.

  41. O Reilly’s claim DUIs are up is silly too.

    The people smoking now, even though its illegal, are already driving high.

    Therefore, the only new people injected in to the formula are those who don’t smoke but would if it was legal. Those are the ULTRA law abiding and they are not going to just laugh off driving high when they know its still illegal.

    Pot doesn’t impair someones ability to make choices they believe to be wrong.

    The super law abiding are not going to drive high.

    O’Reilly is a complete idiot!

    P.S. I am a conservative libertarian.

    • DUI’s and prescription drug deaths are supposedly down in Colorado, but the data is quite preliminary……but the tens of millions of dollars they have hauled in isn’t…….in fact my home state, Massachusetts, has collected 2.5 million in non-refundable dispensary application fees(50000 a pop) without handing out a single one, of the mere 13 licenses they will finally issue…..

  42. I saw a show on TV where 10 Cops judged 10 drivers in a fast paced obstacle course in a parking lot. Half the drivers were high and half were not.

    The Cops got 6 out of 10 wrong.

    What does that tell you?

  43. I usually agree with Bill O’Reilly but he is wrong on this one. Prohibition did not work with alcohol and it will never work with marijuana. We MUST start learning from our mistakes.

  44. Terence Francis on

    Juvenile dialog here. Not worth signing up for – looking for one with at least half-intelligent intercourse.

  45. you know your history, Knowhistory…….the racist Dixie-crats realized their social values no longer matched the democratic party?? ….and joined the Republicans…….giving them new life, and facilitating the landslides of 72′ 80′, 84′ and even 88’……

  46. historically, before all the Dixie-crats left to become racist Southern Republicans….when the demmy’s passed the civil rights act and the voting rights act, in the mid 60’s….

  47. Im not so sure?? if you guys had RANKS of people who are haters??? where were they?? I surmise, many of them have embraced ACTUAL libertarianism…….as opposed to the fake kind that many republicans practice….

  48. where will they turn next?? no one gets tired of using weed…..why not pull your head out of your ass for second and listen……humans who are dealing drug addiction and treating it ?? incorrectly assign drugs themselves the blame, by calling them “gateway drugs”..they pass the blame on……when the proper construct is?? …”gateway people”……..and they are not all gateway for EVERYTHING…..just certain drugs in most cases, all of them is some cases…..

  49. Gabe, have you tried CBD’s?? (cannabidiol)???……I grow a strain of high CBD cannabis for oil….for my various ailments, here in California… is 19% CBD and only 1% thc…….YOU can order “dixie-dew-drops” on Amazon, it is a CBD tincture……..Families with epileptic children, have had great results with oil…….those with dravets really need the pure cbd oil, DDD aren’t strong enough???….not convinced, but each case is different…

  50. Go illegal. Federal Laws prohibiting marijuana cultivation and sales are illegal, but no judge will actually work with the facts and the consitution at the same time to make the connection and end the Prohibition. Maybe, just maybe a judge will finally push marijuana out of schedule one where it has never belonged.

  51. thewizardofrockandroll on

    Bill , How the hell are you ? This is your old friend Big Bill on Planet Earth. Sorry to hear your Poll didn’t go quite your way. I just wanted to give you a Heads-Up on why pot was made Illegal in the first place, in case you were not read up on the history of Cannabis in America.Bill ,you do know that Hemp stuff even helped America in WW 2 and it is Pot without potency , the only people who want it illegal are big Oil & Plastic Pollution Lovers.But back to WHY , well Prohibition was ending and Elliot Ness & the Untouchables , name dropper eh ! ,Well anyone else’s name and nobody really knows who we are talking about , the Feds who busted Al Capone , they were all going to be jobless it seems , until this unknown Federal Agent came up with the idea to create a new threat and put some Black Musicians in jail at the same time .They came up with America having a Drug problem , that was really only a problem at that time in the colored Communities , especially musicians ! Well ,it wouldn’t affect most Americans and the Colored folk were not Afro-Americans or Black Panthers as yet or Black Muslims either.So , this war on the Colored Population would keep most of their Agents employed . They instilled fear into the Whitey poulace by gettin a Fictional Movie called “Refer Madness” made and it scared the B’jesus out of that White populace and thus the Biggest Lie of the Century was created to stop un-employment , of the Prohibition feds ! To boot , they claimed later on when Marijuana was deemed not be of any Medicinal Value , that way the Big lie would not be able to be researched , where it would be discovered it helps numerous ailments , as it had for centuries. That would not be good for the Big Pharmaceutical Companies so they helped keep the Big Lie afloat and told the guys in the Booze Biz that the really good shit , would harm their booze & beer sales, so you know they were on board . Hell even the Cartels selling the stuff were willing to give money to politicians to keep it illegal , don’t want the Governments to get tax money off it like on Alcohol ,from legalization! I was just shocked and surprised when I saw reports on Medical marijuana helping these Kids suffering from seizures , that would eventually probably cause these poor kids their lives ! And also I could not believe you are against something that would help people from a medical condition , not stoners mind you , People who were not Potheads with Children that this weed is helping diminish their seizures. But Bill ,who wants this over-crowded world to keep on growing ! We’re getting too big for our britches , as the old adage goes !

    So what if some children don’t live as long as they might have , right Bill?

    I myself did a trial test on my leg inflammation that runs in both my Mom & Dad’s Families., I was takin’ Fish Oil Supplements and didn’t seem to help , on advice from a friend I started to use Marijuana , my inflammation in both legs reduced , I stooped using pot , only cause I ran out . Damned if after a few weeks my legs were swelling up again and arthritis hurt worse then when I was using the weed . I waited a few months , swelling was worse and got some more weed , sure enuff the inflamed legs went back down and when I ran out , they swelled right back up ! After a month or so , got some more Pot and down my swollen feet & legs went ! So Bill , imagine if medical Scientists could really study this Shit , as smokers affectionately call it when its really Good Shit ! So , why Bill , you seem like a decent enough guy , especially when your away from FUX Newsless , I watched a program about some deats linked to POT edibles , I don’t like them myself , but that’s because I made brownies too strong and no fun when your too high ! But it ain’t near as bad as a spinning room , when too drunk ! Plus the figures of Alcohol related deaths are so far beyond death related to pot use will ever be . I really wish you could see the wiser choice here Bill , or is that the Voice of Cartel , Big Pharma or Booze Money , jingling in your pockets and funding your bank account these days Bill ?

    Please Share this and Re-post my Post to get Bill’s attention , thanks ! Big Bill

  52. Its blank now. What a pussy. Anyways I did the other poll and found out that really cold places have a bunch of stock wizards. North and South Dakota both bullish right now. Whodathunkit?

  53. I see the poll is now “member only” for premium members. Good way to skew the data, Bill. And then on the air mention it quickly and nonchalantly, “we asked a number of our viewers…” booo, hiss…. Legalize it already. Cannabis prohibition is a joke. A bad joke, at that.

  54. Happy to learn the attempt at “twisting” the popular vote (as FOX likes to do) failed – Yes “good work” and may this be legal someday in my state.

  55. Stephen Lefevre on

    Genesis 1:29-31 (In the Bible) And Elohim (“God”) said, “BEHOLD, I have given to you EVERY HERB seeding seed which is on the face of ALL THE EARTH, and every tree in which is the fruit of a tree seeding seed- IT SHALL BE FOOD FOR YOU! And to every living thing of the earth, and to every bird of the heavens, and to every creeper on the earth, in which is a living soul, EVERY GREEN HERB IS FOR FOOD!!! And it was so. And Elohim saw everything that He had made; and behold it was VERY GOOD! And there was evening, and there was morning- the sixth day.

  56. that nancy grace comment killed me lol….. acid spewing demons from the fifth circle of hell cant have babies

  57. Now listed under the “premium polls” section of his website. the asshole wants you to pay 50 bucks a month to disagree with him.

  58. he realized the only way to force people to agree with them was to make them have to be a premium member of his website to access the page. i think he underestimates how many stoners are willing to pay to make an utter fool out of him

  59. the link to the survey leads NOWHERE … i mean, not even to a wrong address … just to a completely whited out page !

    i figured it out before i entered this comment . he made the marijuana poll PRIVATE … one has to be a ‘premium member’ to vote in the poll! some poll !!!

    • Robert S Raper on

      It’s way past time I’m getting old and when I was a kid I thought it has to be soon. And we all have to come out and voice our displeasure at Probition the Govt. is supposed to be our servant not our MASTER.

  60. just give him a special brownie. He probably pops plenty of RX meds and drinks. Such a hypocrite and its hilarious to see his poll fail so miserably once THE REAL PEOPLE hear about it!

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