Businessman Wants to Turn Illinois Airport Into Massive Grow Facility


Entrepreneur Anthony D. Fiacchino plans on turning the Southern Illinois Airport into a 70,000 foot medical marijuana grow facility. Fiacchino, the President of AeroStar Global Logistics who has experience distributing organic nutrients throughout the world, will apply for one of Illinois’ 21 cultivation licenses, and, if approved, “give back to the community.”

When not envisioning a mammoth grow facility, Fiacchino acts President of AeroStar Global Logistics, Inc. AG Logistical Services, Inc. and AGWEA Cultivation Center Agent, a chain of international shipping and transportation agencies governed by the Department of Homeland Security. But unlike many would-be “ganjapreneurs”, this one wants to enter the marijuana business based on his moral compass, not financial gain.

Fiacchino has extensive, if not happy, experience with the potential health benefits of marijuana. His father used to take a prescription pill cocktail that left him incapable of functioning. His mother suffered from MS. For both of his parents, Fiacchino recommended marijuana edibles to help ease their suffering.

Marijuana’s helpful effects led Fiacchino to learn more about the plant’s medical benefits. Eventually he was able to use his companies to propel his idea forward. As early as 2006, Fiacchino began shipping organic plant and garden nutrients from The Netherlands to the United States and Canada.

Given this experience in the gardening and nutrient businesses, Fiacchino is the rare “outsider” who has something besides pockets to bring to the greenhouse. And it seems to come from the heart.

Fiacchino says he has seen many others, beyond his parents, improve their well being after using marijuana to treat ailments. If all goes well for Illinois–a state that just issued its official medical marijuana guidelines–then Fiacchino’s field of dreams (if approved) should open early next year.

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