DeAndre Jordan, Matt Barnes & Glen Davis Got Stoned in Amsterdam


The NBA doesn’t test for weed in the offseason, so some Los Angeles Clippers decided to capitalize on their freedom. According to TMZ, teammates DeAndre Jordan, Matt Barnes, and Glen Davis are (or were just) vacationing in Amsterdam, where they “were caught” smoking weed.

The three were photographed smoking what looks clearly like either a joint or a spliff at one of Amsterdam’s legendary coffee shops. As the following photos indicate, DeAndre caught the apple-pipe of the Paparazzi’s eyes.

While NBA players deserve privacy in these matters, TMZ was wrong to portray this as an incident that jeopardizes their standing with the NBA. As noted, the NBA does not test for THC in the offseason, and, unlike the NFL, does not harshly punish players who fail a drug test for weed.

So, in reality, the trio of players were just doing what any tourists in Amsterdam are entitled to do: enjoying the city’s legal cannabis legally purchased from a legal coffee shop.

While Jordan appears to be the leader of this European getaway, the trio rolled deep with an entourage, and looks completely stress free.

I can’t quite tell what Coffee Shop they’re at, but Matt Barnes’ case of the Chinese eyes indicates whatever they smoked clearly worked:


Then Barnes got the standard post-blaze paranoia, while Glen Davis’ sweatshirt turned into a baby-T:



Next, DeAndre did what everyone wants to do after a nice Hybrid:



dumpser hump

Two days ago, Wiz Khalifa posted this photo to Instagram with DeAndre and Barnes looking not at all low:

wiz jordan

When in Amsterdam, these players should have the same right–and privacy–to light up in public. While outlets like TMZ portray this type of behavior as a “crime”, they’re simply living and enjoying the freedom to medicate that all athletes should have.

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