Former Colorado Jail Might Transform Into a Massive Marijuana Grow Facility


In March, Colorado native Nicholas Erker purchased the town of Brush’s defunct Correctional Facility. Now, with more than six months of successful legal weed in Colorado’s history books, Erker wants to turn his purchase into a cultivation facility and start selling retail cannabis in Brush.

The only problem? Brush–a town with the motto “Homegrown Happiness!”–has a moratorium on marijuana businesses in place until 2016. That moratorium means no individual can legally grow cannabis or sell retail marijuana in Brush’s confines.

Fortunately, the moratorium can be revisited at any time. To plead his case and move the town’s stalled weed needle, Erker wrote a letter to the Brush City Council, politely asking them to lift the moratorium and allow him to turn the empty jail into a field of (marijuana) dreams.

From Erker’s poignant perspective, the facility’s goal wouldn’t be just to attract a bunch stoners to Brush, a town Northeast of Denver. Instead, he estimates the transformation would be a boon to his town and its economy.

He said he wants to manufacture a product that is legal in Colorado and that would create jobs and increase revenue for Brush.
According to Erker, the facility could initially generate 31 jobs and substantial tax revenue, which could help build better schools, and that such tax revenue from marijuana sales in the state is only available to communities that participate in the production or sale of marijuana.

Erker said the facility would be protected “by a fence away from the rest of community and that we would want off duty officers there.” [Brush News Tribune]

The Brush City Council will convene today and review the results of an internal council poll regarding the lift of the town’s moratorium and Erker’s plan. We’ll let you know when we find out the results.

Regardless of Brush’s decision, this possibility represents a sign of the times and displays another scary consequence from legalizing marijuana: the lack of crime means jails are empty and its place sprouts weed.

Hopefully, lots and lots of weed.


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  1. Why would “a lack of crime and empty jails” be a “scary consequence” of legalization? Sarcasm maybe?


    Listen up-here’s the deal. If you want to do drugs, go ahead, but remember, they’re bad for you, so in order to protect you from your own stupidity, we’re ordering you not to do them. If you still do them, we’re gonna have to “protect” you by throwing you in prison, and maybe you’ll thank us for this some day, and maybe if you do, we’ll take your name off our list of bad people that shouldn’t get jobs. We wouldn’t want any of this stuff to happen to you, and I’m sure you wouldn’t either.

    • Christopher Marx on

      Booze is legal, and does a hell of a lot worse to you than pot. Have you ever picked up a violent drunk before? They’re not fun, and I’d *much* rather pick up a stoner, because they’re a hell of a lot calmer.

      • I am totally opposed to marijuana prohibition, and my comment was a sarcastic blog I thought up after looking up the meaning of “racketeering” on Wikipedia. Racketeering is when hoodlums say, “We’ll protect you” which REALLY means “Give us money and we won’t beat you up”. A racket is when an imaginary problem is made up and the solution is extortion or whatever. The tactics used by the narco police of the War on Drugs are similar to the tactics used by hoodlums. Indeed, the prohibition of marijuana was started in the 1930’s due to the efforts of a racist white guy who hated Mexicans and Blacks, who was the first commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics. The War on Drugs is a tool of the racists to keep ethnic groups as second-class citizens. A good book about this travesty of Justice is “The New Jim Crow; Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness” by Michelle Alexander.

  3. This is Hilarius ! The Brush City Council will convene today and review ( what review) look at the “ignorance” of themselves the results of an internal council poll “Closemindness” regarding the lift of the town’s moratorium and
    Erker’s plan. We’ll let you know when we find out the results. Erkers plan is to create MONEY! create JOBS! does the council not want money, new jobs, growth. Ah ignorance at its best.

  4. The thumbs up/thumbs down today are 997+ and 337-. I wonder what the 337 find so distasteful or bad about this idea? Seems to me it would make use of unused space, and give growers safe places to grow cannabis. I also wonder what Cheeba Man did, “Why would a lack of crime and empty jails” be a “scary consequence” of legalization? Isn’t that what we WANT?

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