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We’re pleased to announce the addition of Rodney Pike to our team at Based in the Bayou, Rodney specializes in caricatures and photo manipulation. Rodney’s debut piece for is a transformation of Louis Amstrong. To introduce Rodney to our audience, we sat down with the United States Navy veteran who has been an artist his whole life to learn more about what makes him tick!

When did you begin making your caricatures/manipulating photos?

As a kid I wanted to grow up to be an illustrator like Norman Rockwell. I’ve been an artist as long as I can remember. I was a passionate artist as a young man and worked hard at it. I was and still am a dreamer and saw myself as a professional artist one day.
Just over 3 years ago I picked my art up again after laying it down for nearly 30 years. This time with digital art and Photoshop. After only a few months, my hobby had turned into a career with commissions from companies such as FHM, Tennis Magazine, and The Village Voice Magazine.

Here are some examples of Rodney’s illustrious work:

Do you use medical marijuana? 

I don’t use “medical marijuana” (Louisiana does not have a medical marijuana program). I use what I can get down here and it’s pretty bad. I use it for medicinal purposes though to treat ptsd, anxiety, depression, back and nerve pain.

How are medical marijuana patients treated in Louisiana? Do you see progression occurring there?

Louisiana government are hard headed and stuck in their ways. Things aren’t looking promising down here anytime soon. We don’t even have a functioning NORML Chapter here.

As a former veteran, please describe how cannabis aids either yourself or those with PTSD?

I think one aspect of medical marijuana as it relates to treatment for PTSD is the way that this herb allows us to forget traumatic events that with PTSD, we’re unable to do so. Total peace, no worries, no stress… Good medicine!!

How do you transform these images?

When I first started this, I was doing Photoshop contest entries so I was considered a chopper. That’s someone who uses Photoshop and photo-manipulation to create illustrations. To be honest, that’s really all I do. I take photos, chop them up and put them back together again. Yes, I’ve learned a few techniques along the way but the basic process is the same, disassemble and reassemble into a new work of art.

What are your thoughts on legalization!

Legalization is way overdue. This is a natural herb with incredible medical benefit, it’s safe. We’re learning new used for cannabis both medically and industrially. How can this be illegal? It makes no sense. I intend on doing my part to spread the word about this incredible plant. I think in the end we will win. That I think is a definate. How long do we wait is the question… those of us who have time to wait.

You can learn more about Rodney and his work on and by visiting his Google+ Page. Here is some more information on Rodney’s career in his own words :


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