Lacrosse Players Smoke More Weed Than Other College Athletes


The NCAA’s Research department recently surveyed Division I, Division II, and Division III student-athletes to cull drug use among them. The responses revealed the overarching revelation that while over 80% of college athletes admit drinking alcohol in the last year, only 22% admit smoking marijuana in the last year.

As is the case with in survey, the following results need be taken with a grain of Kush based on the respondents and the circumstances surrounding the survey. Many student-athletes simply won’t feel comfortable checking off the weed box, particularly while they’re in a classroom or locker room.

Here’s how cannabis use compared to other substances amongst student-athletes:

Again, that 22% number could very well be weighed down by responders hesitant to admit cannabis use, even for an anonymous survey. The poll also displayed that lacrosse players have a higher penchant for pot than any other type of college athlete:

Maybe this result can be contributed to the Vineyard Vines correlation and the fact that lacrosse players typically come from privileged backgrounds that give them money to blow. Whatever the reason, laxers weren’t just the highest tokers. Lacrosse players also had a clean sweep across the substance board, also taking top honors in cocaine use, tobacco use, synthetic marijuana use, and alcohol use.

Moreover–and unsurprisingly–more Division III athletes admitted to smoking the reefer in the last year than their Division I and Division II counterparts:

Unlike Division I athletes, the offseason is actually an offseason for Division III athletes. They have more time to socialize, focus on work, and smoke weed. They also don’t have to worry about qualifying for nationally televised NCAA tournaments.

While unsurprising that lacrosse players let loose more than other athletes, it’s surprising a mere 22% of college athletes say they’ve smoked weed in the last year. If you’ve been on a college campus, that -seems like too low of a low number. Even for our future Olympians.

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  1. So sad. But it may be because the lax men are more honest. I’ve seen plenty of stoners on the football field who need the drugs to endure the pain of all of those hits.

    • Trying to decide if I should troll you with.”rich white boys more honest, yeah right, they’ve been raised their whole lives to get what they want by being dishonest” or “of course rich white boys are more honest, they have no fear of consequences”.

      But seriously, I think the article could’ve focused more on the fact the drug use for athletes in general is lower than non-athlete students. But the author does point out several times that the numbers could be skewed downward and once he points that out then maybe he should’ve tried to dig into if different groups would be more or less honest about it in the locker room filling out these surveys.

      • Did I say that lax players are rich and white? Oh wait. That’s your perception and your stereotype, something that hasn’t been true for years since Jim Brown. And if you look at the scholarships and the pro money, it’s laughable to call lacrosse players rich. Are any of them paid millions? Most of the scholarships are fractions and aren’t much bigger than the financial aid they would have received. Sheesh.

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