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Reddit Joins the Marijuana Majority!


The popular sub-Reddit section of (r/trees) has surpassed 600,000 subscribers. To celebrate this momentous occasion, the largest cannabis community online has teamed up with the cannabis reform leader the Marijuana Majority to help spread legalization efforts throughout America.

Here’s the full announcement, via Reddit:


Greetings my fellow Ents! AND GREAT NEWS!

As was promised on Friday, today the link for our 600,000 subscriber donation drive to directly help enact legalization in more places is LIVE! And it will remain so, like this sticky, for the rest of the week.

For those of you that missed the sticky over the weekend, some basic review of what we’re doing:

We have decided to partner with Marijuana Majority (Website) to raise funds for this very worthwhile organization that has been helping to shape and lead the discussion regarding cannabis legalization in this country for the past 2 years. Some of their accomplishments include:

  • Solely orchestrating the first ever endorsement for cannabis legalization from a US Supreme Court Justice
  • Convincing the US Conference of Mayors to pass a resolution that Marijuana Majority authored urging the federal government to respect state marijuana laws. (For this campaign, Marijuana Majority created a custom action tool that generated more than 7,000 messages to more than 1,000 individual mayors across the U.S.) Two months later, the DoJ announced they were finally starting to scale back their efforts to interfere with local marijuana laws.
  • Regularly placing messaging in the mainstream media that reminds politicians that the majority of voters want to see legalization. This is crucial because so many politicians still operate in a 1980s mindset where they think this is a fringe issue that they’d be attacked for supporting.

Want To Donate? Click Here!
We set an initial goal of $10,000 – something I believe this community is more than capable of accomplishing.

A little bit about the details of this endeavor:

  • No moderator of r/trees will have any access whatsoever to any funds whatsoever that are donated to Marijuana Majority through NationBuilder (For more on NationBuilder, Check out their website)
  • No personal information will be posted, collected, or available to anyone on reddit or the r/trees modteam. One of the benefits of using an impartial 3rd party!
  • If you have any Questions, Comments, or Concerns I or the good folks at Marijuana Majority through their /u/MarijuanaMajority reddit username will try to get to any and all reasonable queries this week.

Thank you all for contributing some of your hard-earned dollars to this most important of causes. With legalization secured so far in Colorado, Washington and Uruguay, we’ve clearly got momentum, on both the national and international level. However, it is not the time to sit on our laurels. We need to keep pushing now to make sure the day when no Ent anywhere is criminalized comes sooner rather than later. Let’s do this!

As the nation and world continue to progress and move past outdated marijuana laws, it’s important our largest communities–from Reddit to the Marijuana Majority to right here on–band together and join forces. When we have a common cause in sight, the strength lies with the majority. Therefore, the more though leaders that join forces makes the overarching message to let marijuana be free go stronger.

To take part in Reddit’s fundraiser and support the Marijuana Majority, please click here!

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