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Washington Legalized Weed and Not a Soul Was Harmed or Injured


On Tuesday June 8, Washington became the second state in America to sell legal weed. As was the case in Colorado, Washington did not turn into a crime-riddled, zombie apocalypse dystopia over night.

In fact, legalization has gone swimmingly thus far, from Seattle to Bellingham to Spokane and back. The state currently has 24 approved recreational, retail dispensaries, although some of those have yet to begin sales (due to lack of inventory). In the mean time, both tourists and residents can view which Washington retail shops are open right here.

Nonetheless, the first retail shop to open in Washington on July 8, Top Shelf dispensary, sold a whopping total of $30,000 worth of weed, outdoing Colorado dispensaries’ first day average. Despite claims that shops would run out of weed and the state would face a drought, Washington remains flush and well-equipped to serve up bud to recreational customers.

On the streets and in the shops, the vibe in Washington is one of peace, bliss, and freedom. People are dancing. Seattle’s current city attorney criminal prosecutor and city attorney Pete Holmes bought legal weed–without caring what the DEA thinks. And the first man to purchase Washington’s legal weed–from Kansas–exemplifies this new feeling.

Here are some sights of freedom from the first few days of Legal Weed in Washington state:

The legal marijuana floodgates are officially open. With legalization ballots in place in states like Alaska and Oregon, you can expect more American states to join the party sooner rather than later.

It’s history in the making. It’s the future. And legal weed shows no signs of slowing down.

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  1. Millions toke up everyday. Statistics show no correlations for any problems that have risen in over 50 years. After all weed is less harmful than aspirin.
    Actually weed is medicinal in so many ways people use it MORE than aspirin…millions toke up every day…

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