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Spanish Cannabis: Dispatches From Spain’s Rising Scene


We’ve mentioned Spain’s emerging marijuana culture in the past, but felt Spanish cannabis clubs deserve a closer, on the ground look. So we had our Spanish contributor, Miky Perez, take a closer look at what’s really going on in Europe.

Hola from Spain! I’m Miky, and in the coming weeks, I’ll be writing about the cannabis scene in Europe, specifically in Spain–not just because I’m living there, but because it’s become the cannabis center in this part of the Atlantic.

True, the European benchmark for bud has always been the classic Amsterdam (Netherlands), but today, even the Dutch themselves have their eyes fixed on our humble and sunny country whenever they are not moving in. Even prestigious American Companies are taking a stab at the emerging Spanish Cannabis Industry.

I’d like to introduce you to the different groups that make up what we call “the cannabis community” and foremost thank them for their tedious and ongoing fight in Spain.

The first level of this community consists of what we call “cannabis society” and contains growers, consumers and activists living first hand experience with the plant.

The next level combines industry professionals and grow shops closest to the first level. Grow shop owners have been around Spain for the last 15 years and possess knowledge of our cannabis culture. These are professionals at street level working directly with growers (regardless of the type). Thus, the public buys material culture to grow shops, which in turn buy from distributors, who in turn buy directly from manufacturers and seed banks.

Everyone wins, everyone is happy.

There is also a small percentage of other professionals who specialize in the world of cannabis like scientists, doctors and lawyers. Unfortunately, these types of professionals are rare.

The Future for Spain

In recent years a new player has appeared in the Spanish cannabis scene: Cannabis Social Clubs (CSC). While the CSCs are strictly not part of any of the other levels, they certainly cover and influence them.

“A CSC has nothing to do with what is known in the U.S. as a “Medical Marijuana Clinic”, since in Spain all clubs have to be non-profit. CSCs are private places where the social side of cannabis (since it is illegal to profit directly from it) is encouraged. We will explain in more detail what makes a CSC in the following weeks.

Now, what we need to know is that a CSC is formed by thousands of members which create a strong pressure group supported by professionals and legislators as well as large plaintiffs firms and specialized doctors. A CSC is a social meeting place, a catalyst for art and culture in general, a “fix” on the loopholes to grow and use cannabis at a private place.

Times are changing, so is society and the Cannabis industry. The economic crisis spread its shadow and began to look for new formulas to avoid being swept away by the tide. Governments are not exempt, and in the chambers of parliament and congress begins to hear a murmur in the distance that claims “Cannabis regulation”.

Here are some photos by Maria Carribero from on the ground in Spain:

Miky Pérez is a Cannabis Journalist based in Spain who has been working in the marijuana industry since he was 18. Miky has worked for different companies in Europe’s industry ranging from media entities, grow shops, seed banks, and cannabis fairs. An activist at heart, Miky’s passions range from growing, extracting, smoking, and writing.

About Author

Mikey Perez previously served as the Soft Secret Magazine Editor and Community Manager in Spain. He aims to educate the world about cannabis from a Spanish perspective.


  1. Cannabis Freedom on

    It’s good for their tourism too, was in Barcelona for a week in June, the freedom to be able to buy & smoke cannabis has made it my favourite city. Planning another trip over before the year is out, Barcelona I love you!!!

    • No, i it’s terrible for tourism, this is why we prefer you to go to Amsterdam and stay away from here as it is a country that revolves heavily around family life 🙂 If they sold you herb as a tourist they went against the guidelines and try to ruin it for the rest of us.. But it wont be ruined, we have a good thing here so Barcelona is already closing 33% of its clubs cos they all doing things like sell to tourists 🙂 Now you need to be a resident

      • Cannabis Freedom on

        Yes, apologies, I should have said that it could be good for tourism if they allowed tourists to join. Thankfully I have a residents address in Barcelona, so was able to join without breaking the rules, being introduced by another member.

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