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Meet The Herbalizer: The NASA-Designed Smartvape of the Future


Since the Volcano hit shelves over 15 years ago, the vaporizing industry has yet to evolve or release a product that has offered up any competition. Until now.

What happens when you take two NASA scientists and task them with creating a new vape?

Thanks to the Herbalizer–the world’s first smartvape–getting high in zero gravity is no longer just a fantasy. The Herbalizer is the newest vaporizer to hit the industry and offers a sleek, sexy, and sophisticated look that makes a perfect addition to any proper space-age bachelor pad.

In the eyes of creator Josh Young, “Herbie” represents the future of vaporizing. We sat down with Young to see exactly how the smartvape was made possible.

How Herbie Was Born

Like most great inventions, Herbie was a happy accident.

Young tells me that in 2010 while at NASA, he was “searching for something online and got a pop up ad for a vaporizer. So I clicked on it, and became fascinated by vaporization and smoke free delivery–I wanted to get one, but no product out there excited me enough. I always had the entrepreneurial rub and thought I could do it better. I sketched ideas on how to build the vape at work and eventually quit my job in July 2010 to work full time on Herbie.”

Young was determined to revolutionize the vaporization space. Young, along with co-founder Bob Pratt and Director of Sales, Sheila Hoyt, worked feverishly to make that dream a reality for medical marijuana patients, logging 12-14 hour days every day. Three years later, Herbie the smartvape was finally born.

A Superior Product

After the pop-up came the vision. Young decided from the beginning that The Herbalizer had to be different. The Herbalizer had to be the next level: the smartvape had to go where no vaporizer had gone before.

In Young’s vision, The Herbalizer had three criteria that needed to be met:

1) Herbie had to have virtually no heat up time (where other vaporizers fail)
2) Herbie had to be precise
3) Herbie had to look beautiful

As Young walks me through the experience, I can smell vaped success. The Herbalizer’s clam-shell design looks like it belongs in a Transformers’ film, not a head shop. Herbie shines, smiles, and stands out like a Victoria’s Secret model surrounded by American Apparel models (compared to other industry vapes).

What is the important of precision in vaporizing? As Young and Pratt envisioned it, temperature control means being able to control your experience. With a three part range of mild, uplifting and intense, The Herbalizer allows you to extract the exact part of the herb you want to highlight. This means choosing between heavier THC or CBD, allowing you to avoid common side effects like paranoia, and zero in on the experience you want to have, instantly.

The Herbalizer never exceeds 445 degrees fahrenheit meaning there are none of the toxic effects of combustion. Whether you use the balloon, whip, or aromatherapy fan, you’ll always remain in control of the vibe Herbie provides.


Diversify Your Vaporizer

The buck doesn’t stop at flowers for Herbie–you can even dab with him. Thanks to its replaceable, steel aromapads, you can insert cannabis concentrates (hash oil or wax) into Herbie.

During my demo, after vaporizing some budder, we opened the bowl and what I saw was a ghost. The hash had evaporated almost seamlessly into my lungs–without making me cough or choke like a dab rig often does.

Moreover, you can utilize the Herbster without even getting high. Herbie offers an aromatherapy setting that works swimmingly with essential scented oils that can give you the benefits of lavender, peppermint, etc or cover up the smell after a good vape session. The aromatherapy mode uses a fan to circulate vapor in any given room, with no work needed.

Yep, The Herbalizer is the only vaporizer that works in both head shop and yoga settings.

A Different Kind of Cannabis Clientele

Herbie’s appeal is his panache, his uniqueness, and his personality. When you turn Herbie on, he even provides a welcome message. Its LCD screen reacts to the surrounding light and walks you through your vaping experience.

Needless to say, high school stoners likely can’t afford The Herbalizer. But that’s not Young’s intended target demographic.

The cannabis crowd is evolving as more states become legalized. Herbalizer has found homes with country club golfers, people in serious pain, soccer moms, and even on Wall Street.

That’s because this vaporizer not only puts you in control of your experience, but it looks good. Herbalizer is working to change the image of the vaporizing world; instead of having the product be something you have to disguise, you can be comfortable having it on display in any home, at any age.


The Cost of Innovation

Like most new pieces of technology to hit the market, The Herbalizer comes with a stiff price point. Technology components such as a 300W halogen bulb, internal computer board and the system design, make this one of the most high-tech vaporizers out there. With that said, the price tag of $729.99 is something that Young understands is not for the faint of heart.

The Evolution of an Industry

Young and The Herbalizer together display a shift in the marijuana industry paradigm.

Both Young and his product exemplify the maturation of the marijuana industry. Once a former NASA scientist exploring how to evolve space, Young now explores how to evolve the art of vaporization.

Young feels at home in the more relaxed-yet-creative marijuana environment, an industry he certainly didn’t envision himself joining say, five years ago. “I left because the corporate world was very stifling and I couldn’t explore my own ideas,” Young tells me. “This is a very different industry—it’s like the opposite and the wild west. This one is much more relationship based and people are much more sincere.”

The industry that started in the streets has moved into office buildings and tailored suits. And most of those suits will end up choosing Herbie.

Herbie stopped by our Headquarters and we took him for a test ride. Check it out below:


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