Minnesota Opens Up Dispensary Applications for Ganjapreneurs


Earlier this year, Minnesota became America’s 22nd state to legalize medical marijuana. Now, the Gopher State begins its search to find and license dispensaries to serve its patients.

The state will select just two businesses to open up full-scale medical marijuana facilities that the state hopes will begin serving patients by next July. Any business that wants to apply for a license must fork over $20,000 to the state.

Letters of intent must be sent to the state by September 19 and full applications must be submitted by October 3. In August, 200 individuals attended an information session regarding how to run a medical marijuana business.

Among those parties interested in opening up a collective are ones with root in the botany game. Two of those businesses with intent to apply are Bachman’s Inc., one of Minnesota’s largest chains of flower shops and Garden Fresh Farms in Maplewood, an herbal business that specializes in hydroponics.

Unfortunately, they won’t overflow with patients next summer: estimates predict there will be no more than 5,000 to 10,000 patients in the state.

Minnesota’s legislation provides restricted access and prohibits the inhalation of cannabis.

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  1. seems like its more of a norm to politicians ” we voted in medical marijuana to help people now vote for me come election time”

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