Legalization Works, Washington Sheriff Tells Oregonians


Sheriff John Urquhart of King County, Washington has something to say to Oregon voters: Marijuana legalization works.

ColoradoGraphic-300x269The Yes on 91 campaign for legal marijuana in Oregon began airing ads this week featuring Urquhart. In the 30-second spot, he talks about his continued support for regulated, taxed and legalized marijuana in Washington. He says that the strict regulations are producing the benefits Washington residents hoped for and encourages Oregonians to take the legalization leap as well.

Urquhart’s territory as King County Sheriff includes Seattle and over 1.9 million residents. The state saw legalization take effect this year. He points out goals that he has seen fulfilled under Washington’s Initiative 502 framework.

“[T]ax dollars are going to schools and police, not the drug cartels.

Wasteful arrests are way down.

DUIs are down.

Drug prevention programs are getting funds.”

New Approach Oregon, the group responsible for the Yes on 91 campaign, provided a breakdown of how legalization has affected Washington and Colorado as the first two states to legalize. In addition to the benefits in Washington, the group touts reports of teen marijuana use, traffic fatalities and crime rates decreasing.

“It’s your vote, not mine, but it’s working here.” says Urquhart.


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Aiden Hunt is a freelance marijuana reporter. In addition to, he has had articles published in The Cannabist, The Hemp Connoisseur Magaziine and Cronic Magazine. He is currently focusing on coverage of state marijuana reform from a national perspective.


  1. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Thank goddess for men like King County Sheriff John Urquhart in Washington state. I’ll gladly forward this political ad–depicting his full support for legal cannabis–to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, and State Police Superintendent Joseph D’Amico. I know that in their hearts they are good men, too, perhaps even capable of agreeing with Mr. Urquhart’s sensible ideas for the immediate benefit of all New Yorkers. As of right now, though, all three men eagerly accept federal assistance to fly helicopters over private property every October in the hunt for cannabis plants; to conduct constant surveillance of cannabis growers and traffickers; to arrest, prosecute and incarcerate thousands of nonviolent cannabis consumers each year; and to otherwise waste tax dollars imposing this anti-marijuana tyranny on New Yorkers.

  2. MaximumOvertroll on

    I know two people actively petitoning the state and federal governments to oppose legalization, the reasons they give in their speeches and letters are all the same old think of the children canards but the real reason they tell me laughing between blunts and bowls is that legalization is ruining thier marijuana sales and if they have to start selling meth again they’ll get hooked on it again.

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