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A Closer Look At Hotboxing


The good people at Higher Ground TV.com have created a video that takes an inside look at “Hotboxing.” One of the definitions of hotboxing, per UrbanDictionary.com, is “smoking marijuana in a vehicle or room until it is filled with smoke.”

The Higher Ground folks have an opinion on hotboxing’s merits, but check out their video and judge for yourself.


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  1. Mmm. Disagree. Kids traditionally do ‘dumb’ things and this looks like one of those. Nothing more than that. So you have taken a ‘stand,’ kudos for you. But this is NOT the same thing as booze, never was and never will be. Conflating them is also dumb.

    Anywho I doubt seriously you will find thousands upon thousands of mature occasional smokers hot boxing more than one or possibly twice (hey it might be a fluke) in their lives. First of all, waste of perfectly good weed. Secondly, yeah… can’t really see can you.. let alone breathe… kinda dumb innit.

  2. Victor Alvarez on

    i personally do not care how others smoke or ingest cannabis. if people viewing those videos, look at all cannabis users the same, then they are generalizing and that makes their point of view stupid and invalid. i do not like hot boxing for different reasons but i do not care that others do it and it doesn’t make me look down on them. i guess certain people feel more civilized and cultured to feel they can look down on another human.
    “Oh no, that’s Not how you eat cheese and wine!… Ugh”

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