Colorado & Alaska Residents Searched Google for Marijuana the Most in 2014


In January of 2014, Coloradans began selling legal weed and in November Alaskans votes “Yes” for legal weed. According to a search results query by Estately, citizens in both states Google searched the word “marijuana” more than any states did in 2014.

In Alaska, the term was the full phrase “legalize marijuana” and in Colorado, the word was just plain old “marijuana.”

Oddly enough, Washingtonians, who legalized recreational marijuana and Oregonians, who voted for recreational marijuana in November, searched for “Gamergate” and “Ukraine” instead of Mary Jane. Meanwhile, areas with no legal weed instead searched for current events, zombies, and TV shows.

The takeaway here is simple enough: If your state has recently legalized marijuana or is in the process of legalization, you’re likely searching for information pertaining to marijuana. However, if you’re in an area without legal weed,  your state’s Google stats probably reflect queries like “Emma Watson nude” and “Michael Sam kiss.” Either way, Google’s search data is an accurate reflection of what people care about most, and it’s clear to see that marijuana is quickly coming to the forefront of America’s collective mind.

Here’s the whole search term map, courtesy of Estately, which notes that “these are NOT the top searches for each state, they are the searches each state made more of than any other state”:

search map

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