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NBC Soccer’s Subtitles Mistake ‘Juan Mata’ for ‘Marijuana Mata’


England’s football rivals Tottenham and Manchester United squared off on Sunday, rewarding spectators watching on NBC’s broadcast with a taciturn 0-0 draw.

Fortunately, fans watching the worldwide broadcast with subtitles turned on were rewarded with one entertaining moment from the green pitch thanks to this gaffe by NBC’s subtitle system or writer:

Perhaps the ‘mistake’ was a holiday gaffe by an outsourced subtitler or perhaps the sleight of word was just an honest, Freudian slip.

In defense of the subtitle, ‘Juan’ and ‘Marijuana’ do share a syllable and sound awfully similar. Moreover, NBC was ironically one letter shy from calling Juan Mata ‘Marijuana Marijuana if the station’s subtitle had just called ‘Mata’ the Spanish term for weed, ‘Mota’.

As for Juana Mata, he should take the news and run with a name change: Marijuana Mota jerseys would be a global hit.

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