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Snoop Dogg Got the Trailer Park Boys Too Damn High


Not even the Trailer Park Boys can keep up with Snoop Dogg’s 81-blunt-a-day tolerance.

Canada’s Kings of Kush (and hash coins) appeared on Doug Benson’s “Getting Doug With High” to talk shop and promote their new, profanity-laced online network, Swearnet. The only problem? The boys were too stoned to get high with Doug.

Before heading to Doug’s studio, Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles paid Snoop Dogg a visit. Naturally, The Doggfather blessed their smoke session with blunt after blunt after blunt.

The outcome: the trio was too stoned to even take one bong rip with Doug Benson. Instead, they casually take a couple of light pulls from the BlackoutX vaporizer, which we’ve reviewed.

Throughout the episode, the Trailer Park Boys are clearly high. Very high. But not too high to shed a little bit of wisdom and insight into their comedic genius.

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