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The Hemp Connoisseur Championship Awards Colorado’s Finest Cannabis


The Cannabis Cup isn’t the only event to recognize Denver’s finest flowers, hash, and edibles. In fact, there’s quite a few different competitions that take place every year (like the 710 Cup and The Secret Cup).

Over this past weekend many dispensaries, extraction companies, and edible companies gathered and entered The Hemp Connoisseur’s third annual competition. The Hemp Connoisseur aims to put politics aside and quality to the forefront.

The awards ceremony represents both a friendly gathering of key industry companies–that typically compete against one another for business–to celebrate and recognize a year’s worth of achievements. While some dispensaries took home more awards than others, the fact that we in Colorado have the freedom to publicly recognize and celebrate the state’s fine accomplishment means we are all winners.

2014 was a year of unprecedented liberty in Colorado, and as the year comes to an end, it’s worth celebrating. Of course, there were some dispensaries who took home more honors than others. The Clinic, River Rock Wellness, and Green Man Cannabis were chief among them, raking in award after award which look like this:


Here is the full list of winners via The Hemp Connoisseur’s Facebook Page



Medical Sativa 1st Place, Best Tested: Green Man Cannabis-Ghost Train Haze

2nd Place: Kind Pain Management-Sour Diesel 3rd Place: Patient’s Choice, Connoisseur’s Choice River Rock-Jack Frost Medical Indica

1st Place, Patient’s Choice, Best Tested: Green Man Cannabis-Hell’s OG Kush 2nd Place: The Green Solution-Phaser

3rd Place, Connoisseur’s Choice: Southwest Alternative Care-White Lightening

Medical Hybrid

1st Place, Patient’s Choice: Green Man Cannabis-Star Killer

2nd Place, Connoisseur’s Choice: Kind Pain Management-Hell’s OG

3rd Place, Best Tested: Canna Caregivers-Super Lemon Haze Dark Star

Concentrates-BHO Extract

1st Place: The Clinic, Live Resin Batter Kosher Kush

kosher batter

2nd Place, Patient’s Choice: Mahatma Extreme Concentrates, Trainwreck Shatter

3rd Place: River Rock, Lemon Haze Live Resin

Connoisseur’s Choice: The Clinic, Live Resin Batter Bubba Kush

Best Tested

Infuzionz, Blueberry Wax

Concentrates-H2O Hash

1st Place, Patient’s Choice, Connoisseur’s Choice: River Rock, Bruce Banner Full Melt

2nd Place
Canna Caregivers: Blue Diesel Dark Star

3rd Place, Best Tested: Infuzionz, Boss Ice Wax


1st Place, Best Tested: Canna Creations, Canna Bomb

2nd Place, Patient’s Choice, Connoisseur’s Choice: Incredibles, Affagato

3rd Place: Infuzionz, Donuts

Adult-Use Sativa

1st Place, Best Tested: Northern Lights Cannabis Company, Kaboom
2nd Place: The Green Solution, Twista

3rd Place, Connoisseur’s Choice: Walking Raven Dispensary, Durban Poison

People’s Choice, The Clinic, Cherry Pie

Adult Use Indica

1st Place, Best Tested: The Green Solution, Presidential Kush

2nd Place: Northern Lights Cannabis Company, Skywalker Kush

3rd Place: The Green Solution, Bubba Kush

People’s Choice, Connoisseur’s Choice: L’Eagle Services, LA Confidential

Adult-Use Hybrid

1st Place, People’s Choice: Walking Raven Dispensary, Hong Kong Diesel

2nd Place: Walking Raven Dispensary, Lemon Skunk

3rd Place, Best Tested: The Green Solution, Cindy White

Connoisseur’s Choice: The Clinic, Jack Flash

A few quick observations:

1) A full-melt took home the grand prize. You just don’t see too much high quality full-melt in Denver because it’s far more difficult to produce than BHO. Hopefully full-melt makes a comeback, as it provides a more subtle and a unique high.

2) LiveResin is definitely on the rise, and The Clinic’s lab is clearly leading the charge with a vast variety of strains and their signature “Batter.”

3) Again, it’s incredible that we in Colorado have the freedom to congregate and celebrate this flower we love and that has made such a profound impact on a city in just a year. Hopefully, more cities get to experience this freedom soon and Denver begins to ease up on some restrictions that make it far too difficult for events to take place.

Note: Not all of Colorado’s dispensaries entered this competition, as is the case with all local competitions. Hopefully, one day, a full, city-wide even competition will take place…

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