Hemplights Provide the Best Tasting Toke with a Hempy Message


If you’re tired of tasting butane when you hit your bowl with a typical lighter, Hemplight has the solution for you. Setting the industry standard as the premiere manufacturer of hemp wick lighters, Hemplights provides an assortment of products to assist in lighting your buds, cigars, pipes, and whatever else may need to be lit.

Hemplights products feature 100% organic hemp wick dipped in beeswax. The renewable nature of the hemp’s two main materials are a cornerstone of Hemplights and the type of awareness the company seeks to inspire regarding hemp.

And having won “Hemp Product of the Year” in 2011 and since then the hearts of many stoners, Hemplights has become no stranger to the spotlight. Hemplights’ has always been to provide better tasting tokes and reduce waste–all while promoting environmental awareness. The company has succeeded by staying true to this motto and by delivering a proper, consistent product.

Double Pack Combo

The Original Hemp Lighter

HempLight’s flagship product is The Original Hemp Lighter. This full-service device is a lighter with a specialized holster, allowing the wick of your hemp to come up through a metal tip. And it’s very, very easy to figure out.

Simply hold the lighter at an angle, push down to ignite the tip of the wick, and you are good to go.  Once you don’t need the heat anymore, just pull the wick down through the metal tip, depriving it of oxygen and causing the flame to extinguish.

You’ll immediately then notice Hemplight’s butane-free taste which is one factor that makes Hemplight a better alternative than say, a Bic lighter. When using other lighters, you may not taste the butane with the first few hits, but you will begin to taste butane from using a lighter to spark up every time. Within a week of using hemp, you won’t want to go back.

When you light up with hemp, you have far more control over which portions of your greens you hit. You can only corner a bowl with so much precision using a traditional lighter. Since the hemp wick burns at a lower temperature and has a small surface area, you can save more greens than before just by being more efficient. Hemplight makes products that fit both the mini BIC and standard sized BIC lighters.

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