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Gone are the days of hushed conversations behind closed doors and immature innuendo of the greener things in life. The crew at NugLife Radio brings honest conversation of the goings on within the cannabis community, live and direct to all who have ears to hear. From light-hearted jokes about lost pounds to heartbreakingly serious subjects such as childhood cancer, NugLife searches out and spotlights all things cannabis related.

It takes an especially cohesive group to create an atmosphere that allows patients, musicians, comedians, advocates, and a host of others to feel comfortable sharing their stories on a live radio broadcast…and that is exactly what the cast of characters at NugLife radio excels at.

On NugLife, Medicinal Mike Boris leads a team of long time, sometimes misfit cannabis enthusiasts. Using his skills honed as a widely popular stand up comedian and well-known “canna-lebrity”, he guides, and often times, reigns in the topic of the day. With his trademark wit and class, he shepherds the show through two full hours of cannabis education, timely topics, in-studio acts, and the various complications that inevitably arise from…well, a production made by and for cannabis enthusiasts.

Speaking of cannabis enthusiasts, NugLife Radio is also the home of The Chronisseur, Hopper Stone. San Diego born and bred, and known far and wide as an expert on all things cannabis related, he is always on deck and ready to speak knowledge and truth as Co-Host of NugLife Radio. Having worked in the music industry for nearly twenty years before opening a non-profit medical cannabis collective, the skills and experience he gained in those two arenas affords him a unique perspective to add to the show.

Dr. Wayne Kelly, a thirty-year addiction specialist and family physician, rounds out the Nug Life trifecta. His experience in medicine and his calm demeanor are a bonus to the show, as he provides the appropriate advice to callers and in studio guests.

Check out Nug Life, Tuesdays 8-10pm PST on

Tune in, turn on, light up…


By: Pamela Jayne

Photos: Ryan Anderson

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