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Over Christmas vacation, I decided to bring my vaporizer with me to the beach. Sadly, once I arrived at the beach, I forgot my vaporizer was in my pocket. That vaporizer now belongs to the Atlantic Ocean.

And so began my search for a new, special vaporizer: one I hopefully will not ever forget. Like any search, I began this scavenger hunt on Google.

I typed in “best marijuana vaporizer“, hit enter, and was met with a smattering of over 900,000 results. The amount of links and vaporizers to come up was somewhat like a bad acid trip: scary, overwhelming, and never-ending.

I turned to my coworker and asked him how the hell I’m supposed to find a vaporizer when there’s over a thousand different types and 900,000 different sites pimping vaporizers online. He looked at me like I was a ghost, came over to my computer, typed in a domain, and hit enter.

What awaited me was a clean, easy-going array of vaporizers laid out in a very user-friendly way. The homie showed me the way to and once there, I got stuck.

Searching for a vaporizer isn’t a particularly fun task. So when I saw that I could play a game–titled “Vape Dodge“–to reduce my purchase by up to 15%, I was both startled and stoked.

I opened up the game, I played, I dodged those vaporizers, and then I got my vape purchase on. As soon as I landed back on the landing page, a “Vape Expert” was there to welcome me, asking me if I needed help with anything.

I responded that I needed help. I needed a vaporizer that was so loud I wouldn’t forget it in my swim trunks and leave it in the Atlantic Ocean. What I thought was a robot “lol’d” and then said he’d take care of me.

I was then presented with three vaporizers and assured that I would never forget any of them–in my swim trunks, at work, or at the club. Since I stated I needed a dry herb, multifunctional vaporizer, the Vape Expert showed me a few different options in different price ranges:

The first of the three options was the G Pro Herbal, by Grenco Science. The pen has a modern design, appears sleek, and is available in a custom Snoop Dogg design. The G Pro Herbal is only $89.95, making it affordable and fit within my budget.

The Vape Expert then showed me the Kandy Pens K Vape Herbal Vaporizer, which looks similar to the  G Pro Herbal but features a lifetime warranty and multiple temperature settings. The price was a little slightly higher at $119.95 the K Vape Herbal Vaporizer is a steal.

When I saw the Atmos Orbit, I immediately knew it was my type: a vaporizer that could handle all my dry herb and charge in my car. Normally priced at $139.95, I told the Vape Expert the vape was a bit out of my price range so I’d have to think about it. But then he told me that I had already won 15% off and if I signed up for the Newsletter, I could receive another discount off my purchase. I did just that, thanked the Vape Expert, and made the final “purchase” move.

Three days later, my Kind Pen arrived in perfect timing and shape. Three weeks later, and I’m vaping like a boss and thanks to the Kind Pen’s keychain, literally never forget where she is at all times.

If you want to find a vaporizer without having an acid flashback–go to

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Maxwell Lawrence was born and raised in beautiful Southern California. His relationship with weed has been described as intrinsic. He has dedicated his life to activism in the realm of marijuana decriminalization and legalization.

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