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Ted Nugent: ‘Take a Toke on the Hippie Weed’


Conservative rocker Ted Nugent is coming out in support of medical marijuana.

The gun-toting, Obama-hating musician says that not supporting patients’ rights to access medical cannabis is “anti-human and real reefer madness.”

“I say take a toke on the hippie weed if you need it,” Nugent writes in a piece on The Daily Caller.

Nugent has long been a vocal opponent of legalizing marijuana, which he still opposes for recreational use.

Medical marijuana has “nothing to do with blurry-eyed and burned-out whackos ruining lives by smoking the wacky tobaccy and professing to watch the sun rise from the bottom of the sea,” he says. “That’s a much different issue.”

But when it comes to cannabis as medicine, Nugent is totally on board, and he’s angry that the feds are so far behind.

“Just as I would never dare mandate what type of gun another free man can use to defend himself, I would never support prohibiting a free man from using a natural plant to alleviate his or her pain and suffering.”

Slamming what he calls the “Fedzilla Drug Administration,” he says that outdated federal laws that criminalize patients amount to “definitive Marion Barry crack-smoking logic.”

And he wants all states to join the 23 that currently allow medical marijuana. “Waiting for Fedzilla to get on board the medical marijuana train is a waste of precious time,” he says, “and will cause unnecessary suffering by Americans who may be helped by the proven benefits of medical marijuana.”

In 2009 Nugent wrote a piece urging President Obama to nominate him as drug czar, saying that he’d imbue the White House drug office with “will-power and a renewed warrior spirit to crush evil and evil doers” like cartels.

“Call me, President Obama,” he wrote. “Hippies, dope heads, corrupt politicos and various other human debris hate me, which makes me the perfect man for the job.”

Last year he compared getting high to hunting in an interview with Bill O’Reilly on Fox News, saying both activities are forms of disconnecting from reality but that hunting has some benefits. “I disconnect but I do it in a tree stand with a sharp stick, so I’m at least getting meat when I get high.”

When it comes to drugs, he said, “after 50 years of rocking and rolling, holding my gifted musicians in my arms as they died, you can’t convince me that it’s a victimless crime or it’s individual choice.”

But Nugent is fully on board with medical marijuana. In his new essay, he asks, “When a semblance of quality of life can be provided to a suffering fellow human being by the regulated use of marijuana, how dare we deny it?

Read Nugent’s new piece in full on The Daily Caller.


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