America’s Bravest Medical Marijuana Patient Has Passed Away


The cannabis community lost one of its most devoted and beloved members today. “Luke the Brave”, a 21-year-old patient with the skin condition Epidermolysis Bullosa and cancer, passed away earlier today.

With the aid of medical marijuana extracts and Orange County’s cannabis community, Luke and his family thought he had beaten this disease once and for all, as his cancer had disappeared. But just two weeks before his 21st birthday, doctors informed Luke that his cancer had returned.

As was always the case with Luke the Brave, the young man remained resolute and hellbent on beating his cancer:

“I just got back my biopsy results from my left elbow 3 weeks ago and the plastic surgeon said my Squamous Cell Carcinoma- Skin Cancer is back! All I can say and do is Stay Strong, Hope for the best and keep praying that this leaves my body and I will get better ASAP. We are going the Natural route because the Drs have mentioned about amputating my left arm because of the Cancer getting deeper and right now I can move my arm and I have no pain, never did I ever think of anyone ever saying this to me but you know what, God gives his toughest Battles to his Strongest Warriors and I believe that I Will and can get through this because I have experienced some hardships and tribulations in my life but nothing has or will ever stop me from giving up because I am the one with the voice and the power to make these decisions and I made my decision too go my way for right now and I know the Drs are trying to figure how we can get this better but they don’t understand that I need both arms and my hands too live. I am not going Down without a fight and I’m ready to overcome this and be Cancer free so I can begin healing and prepare for my 21st Birthday thats coming up in 2 weeks. Things happen and sometimes we can’t do much but all I can do is think positive and know everything will be alright.” -Luke

With the aid medical marijuana, Luke was able to live a bearable life and become an emblem of the medical side of the industry. Luke may be gone, but he and his fortitude will never be forgotten–he was an inspiration.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Luke’s family, caregivers, and anyone who donated to his cause. If you’d like to send your wishes to his family, head over to Luke’s Instagram and share your favorite memory of Luke with his family. For the Weedmaps and team, our visit with Luke nearly three years ago has never rung so true or hit us so hard as it has today:

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