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How to Make Rosin Hash With Dry Sift


Bubbleman is widely regarded as one of the leading experts on hash making in the world. The Canadian hash master has perfected and long shared the wonderful art of making bubble hash (known as “micron” or “full melt”) both in the cannabis community and through his popular YouTube channel.

While making rosin hash isn’t a “new” technique, the process–along with bubble hash–has given away BHO and now PHO dab madness. And it’s a shame, because this solventless method is still an insanely easy, handy, and cool way to turn low grade hash into a high grade extract.

All the method really takes is a heating device (like the hair iron Bubbleman uses) and some low grade hash. The method works, and it’s pretty neat to watch and relive past memories:

Here’s how the Bubbleman makes his Rosin:

And here’s how he dabs it–because yes, you can dab this highly concentrated extract:

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  1. Never even had a dab…or any decent hash…but then again east coast sucks…much respect .love the technique.

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