Stoners Unite to Make Super Troopers 2 a Reality!


Last we heard, Super Troopers 2 was “close to happening.” We’ve finally got an update…

If you smoke weed, you’re a fan of Super Troopers. And if you’re a fan of Super Troopers, you want, need, and will do whatever it takes to make this highly anticipated sequel finally happen.

And that day of dreams has finally become a reality via a Reddit AMA (of all places). The studio has relented distribution rights to the Broken Lizard family, meaning raising money to produce the film is completely on them–and meaning the geniuses behind the film actually once again have control over the film:

But like any filmmaking endeavor, production doesn’t come cheap. Thus, the Broken Lizard squad has launched one of the more genius IndieGogo campaigns you’ll ever see with the hopes of raising a meager $2 million. (I call that meager because most major motion pictures have budgets in the $50-100 million sphere or beyond).

The film has, in just four hours, raised a whopping $375,414..and counting. That $2 million number appears to be getting reached by the end of this week–which is good, because the team needs way more than that to do the film the right way.

You can donate anywhere from $10 up to $35,000 with rewards ranging from autographed posters to a private screening to producer credits to, yes, ownership of the Super Troopers “Patrol Car.” And if you’re getting married and have no friends, they can be your best men for $25,000.

Here’s a nicer breakdown of those perks and options:

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 3.39.01 PM

This fund is clearly going viral and spots are going fast. Someone already claimed the actor role and that Private Standup Show will probably go next. Sadly, while Super Troopers 2 won’t be titled “Farva’s Got a Huge Cock” (referenced above in their preview), it looks like the film will finally be starting production sometime soon.

The Super Troopers 2 IndieGogo Campaign

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