Cops Can’t Legally Wait for Drug Dogs Anymore


The United States Supreme Court made a landmark ruling yesterday that prohibits police officers for holding citizens in custody while waiting for a drug dog to arrive at a standard traffic stop.

Judging a case titled Rodriguez vs. U.S., the court ruled that as long as the crime isn’t clearly drug-related (like speeding or making an illegal turn), cops can’t keep an innocent citizen around simply based on suspicion.

In Rodriguez’s case, he was driving on the shoulder when a police officer pulled him over. That police officer didn’t like how Rodriguez looked, so he then called in a drug-sniffing dog which arrived ten minutes later and sniffed out a little bit of methamphetamine.

But Rodriguez wasn’t a drug mule and he certainly wasn’t committing any crime by driving a tad erratically. Thus, Supreme Court ruled 6-3 in favor of Rodriguez, and dogs all over the nation can no longer be called to sniff drugs out of cars without just cause.

With the need for weed-sniffing dogs subsiding, perhaps dogs can go back to doing what they do best: taking naps and chewing bones.

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  1. What’s the time limit or they can’t hold you after ticket and if so what’s the limit on how long can the Wright a ticket for

    • they try to hold us forever just to piss us off . that’s probably the next hurdle, and will only be cleared when a person sues for having been held for an unreasonable amount of time, ending in a dog sniff anyhow

        • Wow you get corrected on your horrible spelling ( a word my 7 year old son knows how to spell) and you have to make a comment like that. People like you are what’s wrong with the world today.

          • Robert S Raper on

            Why all of the hateing I don’t spell everything right either but if you can tell what I mean to say what’s the problem I don’t get ppl like that we all are in the same boat. I used to be a machinist when someone in a shop I worked in had a hard time with trig I’d help them learn to do trigonometry and geometry you can help Not Hurt and between you and me if all you can do is call a name You Are A shame.

    • August Valentine on

      There’s not a time limit on writing a ticket. But, once they hand you Your papers, you ask are you free to go, anything after is considered delay of stop and is inadmissible. At least in Illinois and Kentucky.

  2. “…he certainly wasn’t committing any crime by driving a tad erratically.” Not to side with the cops on this one, but yes, yes he was, he was driving in the shoulder. And probably because he was high on meth.

      • I see people do that all the time..

        We need to give them all anal cavity searches to find their crack.

        Surely they all have crack if they swerve on the shoulder a little.

      • whats with the hate-scrap?..can u write to others w/o ,being a dick or using profanity ?? IF theres anyone being –, erratic it’s you booby……if anything is a CRIMINAL CHARGE IT SHOULD BE YOU !~~~>get yourself together Lawrence..

    • Robert E. Brooks on

      ?you have never driven on the shoulder of the road to go around an obstacle ? And if you did, you probably had to be on something or meth? In my logic class they would call your statement “faulty reasoning”!

    • Well, there is another issue that is unspoken. It is that so many videos have surfaced showing that lying and covering up sloppy police work is SOP in many police departments. Not that anyone was lying here, to my knowledge. But police credibility is way down, not just in minority communities but everywhere. This is why your factual point was probably ignored, notwithstanding the lgitimacy of what you said.

  3. “With the need for weed-sniffing dogs subsiding, perhaps dogs can go back
    to doing what they do best: taking naps and chewing bones.” ……best laugh that I had ALL week!!! LOL

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