Tommy Chong Impersonates Matthew McConaughey to Perfection


To promote his Chong Swipes designed to erase the scent of marijuana, Tommy Chong took a page out of Lincoln’s book and spoofed its viral Matthew McConaughey video. The result is vintage Chong with a slightly more refined look and a very clever joke.

When you can weave SIRI joking about blowing loads into a 90 second video and Chong smoking a joint, you have a clearcut identity for success. And hilarity ensues:

“You know I’ve been smoking weed long before anyone paid me to smoke weed…Did you ever realize you’re not IN traffic…you ARE the traffic.”

Sadly, this video propelled marijuana reform group NCIA to drop Tommy Chong from a lobbying push in Washington D.C> at the end of this month because they’re “trying to lose the stoner stereotype that Chong portrays.” Considering Chong spent time in jail for selling glass bongs online, this move by NCIA has justly received some slack from the cannabis community.

If anyone is qualified to discuss the many Americans wasting away in our prison system and the medical benefits of marijuana (he’s a very real patient who beat prostate cancer with cannabis), it’s Tommy Chong. Just because he played a silly stoner to perfection decades ago doesn’t mean the man can’t put on a suite and tie and preach for weed.

While NCIA may have turned his back on Chong, there’s no way our strong community will ever forget what he’s meant to this movement.

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