JuJu Royal by Julian Marley Brings a Global Rastafarian Brand to the Forefront of the Industry


JuJu Royal stands for a line of devices and products for cannabis lovers to exude Rastafarian ideals and ideas in a new world of legalized marijuana. They kindly invite us all to “Free Up Yourself.”

Julian Marley, son of the legendary Bob Marley, and world renowned reggae artist, has thrown his weight and the Marley legacy behind his new line of cannabis related products, focusing on flower, extracts, edibles, vapes, apparel, and driving the emerging cannabis culture in legal markets.

Off the bat, JuJu Royal’s disposable refillable vape pens for e-liquids, oils, and concentrates are the perfect solution for taking the vapelife on the go. These dedicated oil pens provide great flavor and last for over 250 puffs a piece. Dabbing on the go is a breeze with their simple, sleek design – after getting your oil into the easily fillable tank, all you have to do is inhale and the JuJu Royal disposable refillable pen will quickly, but evenly heat up and give you clouds of vapor. There’s a white or red LED that blinks so you know when your hit is finished. The pens are available now and run at only around one-quarter or less than the cost of a mid-level vape, which fall around $50+, so they easily stack up against other options in the market.

For flower tokers, the JuJu Box, with an ancitipated arrival date of May 31, 2015, will bring pure convection to your vaporizing game. With the benefits of convection, the JuJu Box doesn’t combust any of your dry herb, giving you greater flavor and potency. Frequent travelers and people who forget to charge their devices alike will appreciate the 2.5 hours of life you’ll get off a single charge.jujuroyalvapepen

Along with JuJu Royal branded accessories, vapes, and apparel, Julian has even partnered with the venerable Amsterdam-based seed company, DNA Genetics, in bringing his own JuJu Royal premium seeds to the market. They will soon also have new, high quality strains and concentrates for consumers to discover.

JuJu Royal also looks to bridge the gap between both retail shops and consumers in emerging markets who are looking for higher quality, trusted products. All products out of Julian Marley’s camp come stamped with the brand’s approval. Behind that approval is a committment to partnering with upstanding suppliers and always improving their health and safety standards so everyone following the movement can enjoy in the quality and safety of JuJu Royal.


You can grab JuJu Royal products and stay up to date on all their latest releases at their official website!

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