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The Massive Monetization of Marijuana


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Last Thursday in New York, pioneer venture capital known as Viridian Capital Advisors conducted its first ever cannabis-investment conference, known as the Viridian Capital Cannabis Investor Conference.  Viridian is blazing all sorts of trails when it comes to the intersection between venture capital and the cannabis industry, serving as a central hub for companies in need of financing, as well as eager investors looking to cash in on such a burgeoning market.  A self-described ‘boutique banking and strategic advisory firm’, Viridian seeks to efficiently funnel resources to help capital-hungry cannabis companies get from the seed to the weed. The event was co-hosted by the Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition, a cannabis-focused business conference on the East Coast. Titled, “ Investing in the Emerging Cannabis Industry While Managing Risks”, the conference centered on weighing the benefits, drawbacks, and risks which are unique to the industry. The event largely functioned as a meeting of the minds wherein investors who may not be privy to all the ins and outs of cannabis culture are able to meet with high-level names in the industry and get a much clearer sense of what to make of this rapidly budding market. Those from the industry, as well as government and law enforcement, were in attendance as well.

One of the higher-profile presenters at the event was Canna Security America-a company providing cash management and physical security services to the cannabis industry.  Given the billions expected to flow in from cannabis-related revenue, reliable security system are increasingly becoming vital components of any cannabis-based company.  Providing its clients with alarm and CCTV camera systems, bullet-proof glassing, commercial safes and much more, Canna Security America is looking to considerably bolster its brand value to those who either already have money tied up in the industry or those still on the fence about staking a claim. Founded in 2009 and based out of Denver, Colorado, Canna Security America is setting the sky as the limit in terms of its growth potential. The company’s CEO, Dan Williams, displayed his excited to present to investors, stating, “ We’re excited to be part of Viridian Capital’s landmark investor seminar and look forward to presenting our company to the investment community in New York City.”

Viridian isn’t the only group of investors seeking to pool venture capital.  Snoop Dogg recently unveiled his plan to raise $25 million for a venture capital fund specifically for cannabis start-up companies. The fund is fittingly titled Casa Verde Capital. Casa Verde of course being Spanish for ‘greenhouse’.  A recent filing with the SEC officially finalized the fund, months after its initial announcement back in February.  While the fund is now active, reports have not indicated that the fund has raised any money just yet. Announcements such as these are becoming more of the norm as venture capitalists see the analytics surrounding marijuana and the capacity for incredible returns on their investments. This, coupled with a lack of government investment, creates an ideal climate for eager investors seeking their piece of the larger pot pie.


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  1. A lot of money chasing few profitable prospects. This will continue to be the case until the federal government deschedules cannabis. Once it does, then the industry will go turbo.

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