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ABC Denver Issues Buzz Kill Decision: Marijuana Ads Pulled Indefinitely


Though no marijuana products were actually displayed in the controversial ad, the ABC Denver affiliate, KMGH-7, snuffed out the first-ever pot related TV commercial scheduled to air earlier this week.

The ad cultivated for the recreational marijuana audience was to be for an extract company by the name of Neos, and was scheduled for airing on ABC at 10:35 p.m., just prior to “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” However on Monday night, in one of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana in the country – nothing happened. The commercial never aired.

Despite the fact that recreational and medical marijuana are perfectly legal in Colorado, the plant still suffers the nasty little Schedule 1 Classification within the Controlled Substance Act. Which some feared would get the attention of the federal government.

And thanks to that fear caused by the plants misclassification, the commercial was “indefinitely” pulled from the KMGH airwaves.

In an online statement released Monday afternoon, the owners of the Denver-based TV station, E.W. Scripps Co., explained why they roached the commercial:

“Scripps has decided not to accept marijuana advertising at this time. We are proud to be a company of free speech and open expression, but we have concerns about the lack of clarity around federal regulations that govern broadcast involving such ads.”

As is almost always the case during transitional periods, fear of the unknown dictates the speed of progress. Since marijuana continues to be a federally prohibited Schedule one narcotic, and TV stations operate under a federal license. Many in the industry remain fearful that by advertising marijuana products they could attract the unwanted attention of the federal government and their new Attorney General. Potentially appearing as a soft target for experimental litigation against stations that advertise a federally prohibited substance.



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    I will tell you the REAL reason why they pulled the Marijuana commercial ? A little hidden secret . . . Any federal funded programs do Not recognize state Marijuana laws ! Since pot is still a Shed. 1 substance under the Fed’s , even illegal and can get you kicked off programs like HUD, LEAP, FOOD STAMPS, the list goes on and on . . . . So everyone best be careful , even a bank loan property can be seized or default the loan ? This will change as so many big corp’s have invested and or opened their own little Company’s ? Here comes GMO pot , Monsanto and all !

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