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Research Shows Aggression Reduced by Cannabinoids


Shocking few while pleasing many, an April study published this year by NCBI ( demonstrated scientifically what most new intuitively; marijuana’s cannabinoids significantly mitigate aggressive behavior – at least in the researchers test mice.

Research Shows Aggression Reduced by Cannabinoids

Research Shows Aggression Reduced by Cannabinoids

Scientists from the University of Valencia in Spain discovered that receptors in their animal models played a critical role in the management of social interactions and antagonistic conduct. Surmising that the CB2r cannabinoid receptors significantly reduced aggression in their animal models.

The ultimate objective of this Spanish study was basic and straightforward: “To examine the role of cannabinoid CB2r in social and aggressive behavior.”

The inquisitive scientists discovered that those lab mice deficient in CB2r “Exhibited higher levels of aggression in their social interaction test and displayed more aggression than the study’s resident wild mice.” Noting, “Acute administration of the CB2r agonist significantly reduced the level of aggression in hostile mice.”

When a social interaction test was performed on mice lacking the type 2 cannabinoid receptors (CB2r) and compared to their “wild-type littermates,” the effects of the CB2r selective agonist was shown to significantly reduce aggression in those lab mice tested.

The study’s conclusion was encouraging; “Our results suggest that CB2r is implicated in social interaction and aggressive behavior and deserves further consideration as a potential new target for the management of aggression.”

As studies like this continue to prove the valuable nature of medical marijuana, hopes remain high that some day this plant and its esteemed cannabinoids will be rescheduled within the controlled substance act.

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