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2016: Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom Says Marijuana Legalization Will Happen


According to Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, voters in the Golden State will legalize, tax and regulate recreational marijuana consumption for adults over the age of 21 during the 2016 presidential election.

At least that’s what he told Real Time with Bill Maher Friday, Aug. 7, during a quick Q&A sesh. Offering up his bold prediction on the likelihood of Californians legalizing the often maligned plant, Newsome noted:

“As some folks may know, we’re very likely to have a ballot initiative in 2016 and we have strong confidence that we’ll win. We’ve got to do it right and be thoughtful and deal with the legitimate concerns folks have about our children, and not allowing Big Tobacco come in and do Big Marijuana. So we want to do it in a very thoughtful way and we want to have that opportunity next year.”

Looking to extract his exact position on the legalization topic, Maher asked Newsom if he supported marijuana legalization in California. The two-term Lt. Gov. responded, “I’m leading the effort.”

As one of the highest-ranking politicians in California to support the idea of legalization, Newsom has been working on a report with a Blue Ribbon Commission that published its results on July 21, 2015.

The $10 million question

The soon to be filed initiative’s campaign could be costly though. Current estimates peg their cost at nearly half a million dollars just for paid signature collectors, and another $10 million for a full campaign.

A small price to pay for the end of marijuana prohibition in the Golden State…

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  1. Rod is on the Gas on

    .Maher asked Newsom if he supportedmarijuana legalization in California. The two-term Lt. Gov. responded, “I’m leading the effort.”

    Wrong, wrong and still wrong. Whenever the #2 politician says “I’m the leader” he’s lying. He’s the one absorbing and deflecting the flack from the true legalization effort. Newsom IS the highest state ranking elected official who is chasing more tax revenue.

    Nationwide, legalization zealots are enacting excess taxation. The top politicians are quite happy to write-up some new creative tax codes. Everywhere in America legalization has equated to how much will you potheads pay in taxation? It’s public record.

    • Shirley LeGitte on

      Not only tax codes…there will be new legislation for DUI, and lots of rules and regulations, about exactly who gets to profit from the new “industry”.

      Plenty of people who are already in the medical marijuana business will discover that not only are they still breaking the law, under the new “legalization” scheme, but also that they have been effectively frozen out from participating in the new industry, due to regulations.

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