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Budtenders vs. Bartenders: Oregon Couple Offers Open Weed Tent Rather Than Open Bar


Congratulations John & Whitney Alexander-Elledge, on both your wedding and your choice of providing your guests with some of Oregon’s finest marijuana strains at your recent wedding reception. Rather than offering a traditional open bar, where loved ones turn obnoxious (at least in my experience) and head down the highway a boozy mess. You opted to make the most of Oregon’s recent legalization of recreational marijuana – and provided your guests with a significantly safer option to the traditional libations. And for that, I say thanks.

When John Elledge and Whitney Alexander exchanged nuptials this summer on a Christmas tree farm, Oregon had just fully implemented Measure 91. The landmark implementation occurred on July 1, 2015. Which meant it was perfectly legal for the groom and his bride to possess up to 8 ounces of recreational marijuana for the pleasure of themselves and their guests.

“We were shocked by how much people loved it,” noted the room of his recent wedding reception. “I’m still getting a couple of texts a day from guests who enjoyed the weed tent.”

According to USA Today, this millennial trend may be cultivating a following in the great Northwest.

The legalization of pot in Oregon has couples considering weed bars at their weddings.”

And while that may be upsetting for the few antidrug zealots that resided in the behavioral sinkhole of the Nixon era, Per Mark Pettinger with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, weddings with receptions featuring free pot is perfectly fine.

On private property where no liquor license is involved, it is legal.”

Budtenders vs. Bartenders

There is however just one important caveat: there can only be one ‘tender. Those caterers with state issued liquor licenses are prohibited from serving alcohol at any event where marijuana is also being offered to guests, “Caterers should be aware there can’t be bartenders and budtenders.”

Certain not to create a buzz kill on the happy couples wedding day, Elledge noted, “We made sure we were legal.” Continuing, Elledge pointed out “We know the limit is 8 ounces so we had small amounts of 13 varieties with a budtender controlling consumption.”

Helping to plan the elevated nuptials, the couple employed an open-minded and innovative wedding planner from Lake Oswego’s Bridal Bliss.

“This was our first request for a weed bar,” pointed out owner Nora Sheils, “We made sure everyone was safe and provided transportation. The couple provided the product and hired the budtender for the tent.”

Pleasing the young and old alike, the groom, who defined himself as a professional marijuana cultivator, seemed more than a little pleased to be considered a trendsetter for other soon-to-be married Oregonians.

“Even an 81-year-old woman who hadn’t smoked weed since the ’60s came into the tent at our wedding,” he said. “Though skeptical at first, she ended up loving it.”

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