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The Art of Collaborative Success with Living Extracts


With well over 20 years of experience, the Hash Masters at Living Extracts are doing their part to elevate the industry for the people, so that all of us can get better, more potent hash, no matter where we live.

Although Chris, from Living Extracts, would tell you he could name at least a dozen operations in Southern California that are producing hash at the highest levels, perfecting the subtle nuances of each extract’s finish in order to showcase the beginning strain’s best qualities takes a level of mastery and understanding that most extraction artists simply have not yet reached. Selecting and achieving an extract’s ending consistency is a complex undertaking that requires precise timing and a nearly intrinsic understanding of the properties unique to each flower’s strain.

In Chris’ eyes, collaboration is the way of the future, the only way to keep pushing the envelope as far as top shelf extraction is concerned. Living Extracts recently collaborated with RB26, the Santa Cruz grower whose Cannabis Cup winning flower are difficult, if not impossible, to find outside of the community where they are grown. RB26’s meticulous approach and growing methodology have earned the grower some well-deserved notoriety in a recent VICE article about “the world’s most powerful pot”. According to SC Labs, RB26’s flowers are consistently testing above 30%. Through the collaboration with Living Extracts, RB26 is now able to share their award-winning flowers, in their best possible light, with the rest of the world.


Living Extracts is reaching into history to bring back the legendary Thai Stick. Living Extracts is jumping out of the gate hot by collaborating with Pearl Pharma, Lucky Shamrock and RB26, who will all be lending their top shelf flowers to Thai Stick mania.

Keep an eye on the top shelf extract market, and remember that there are a lot of people out there pushing the limits for your enjoyment, for the people. Check out one of the best at Living Extracts.

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