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Washington D.C. Marijuana Industry Catches Fire


While political pundits guesstimate the outcome of the 2016 election – wondering aloud whether or not the next President will be able to roll back the progress made by supporters of marijuana legalization – cannabis-based businesses in the District of Columbia are starting to cultivate the roots of prosperity in the nation’s capital.

New Poll Shows Huge Support for Marijuana Reform

New Poll Shows Huge Support for Marijuana Reform

As Chris Christie and Marco Rubio both pledge to defy the overwhelming masses that support legalization across the country, thereby relegating themselves to the garbage heap of archaic dogmas, marijuana businesses in the nation’s capital have made significant inroads since last February.

According to a report in the Washington Post, “This is the new world of marijuana in the nation’s capital, where residents have been able to legally possess, privately consume and grow limited amounts of pot since last February.”

Per the Post, The District of Columbia currently has five medical marijuana collectives and seven grow shops that are overwhelmed on a daily basis by the demand for medical marijuana, as well as its related paraphernalia. Within DC’s medical marijuana community, legal sales have skyrocketed since it was decriminalized in late 2014. On a year-over-year basis, from July 2014 to July 2015, the total number of medical marijuana patients that have registered with the Washington DC Department of Health has increased from 738 MMJ patients to 3,948.

According to Initiative 71, approved by Washington DC’s electorate last November, adults over the age of 21 can own up to six mature marijuana plants, can donate up to an ounce of weed, and can legally have up to two ounces of pot at any given time.

While marijuana was decriminalized in the nation’s capital nearly 12 months ago, it remains illegal to sell weed, have pot on federal land, fire-up in public, to smoke or eat it in public housing, or to be under its influence while behind the wheel of a car.

Unfortunately (or not) for candidates Christie and Rubio, they seem to be seriously behind the ideological curve of our country’s evolution towards the acceptance of one of nature’s more beneficial plants.

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  1. yep and marco and christie will reap what they sow which is a big fat zero i just give a big smile every time when i see these polls and they seem to be on the bottom and out of touch

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