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Canada’s New Prime Minister Wants Marijuana Legalization “Right Away”


Promising to get started on marijuana legalization in Canada “Right Away,” Justin Trudeau, Canada’s soon-to-be Prime Minister, has thrown down the political gauntlet on the heated topic that’s been sweeping across North America since 2012 – Cannabis reform.

Highlighting the rather unpleasant results of Canada’s failed marijuana policy – vigorously enforced by the recently unseated Harper – the leader of Canada’s Liberal Party and next prime minister said, “The Liberal Party is committed to legalizing and regulating marijuana.” Emphasizing, “We are going to get started on that right away.” Leaving a euphoric room full of supporters applauding the future Prime Minister’s bold approach.


While Not a big 420 fan, the rarely-stoned son of Canada’s distinguished Ex-PM Pierre Trudeau, came clean with The HuffPost back in 2013, admitting that he had fired-up after being elected Montréal’s MP in 2008.

“We had a few good friends over for a dinner party, our kids were at their grandmother’s for the night, and one of our friends lit a joint and passed it around. I had a puff.”

This audacious admission and his new approach provides a striking contrast to the recently ousted Stephen Harper’s campaign of cruelty and propaganda. During Harper’s reign as Prime Minister he was responsible for rolling back and creating new restrictions on Canada’s medical marijuana program.

Apparently not satisfied with alienating that large chunk of Canadian voters, Harper then continued his campaign of political suicide when he erroneously claimed that marijuana was “infinitely worse” than tobacco. An almost criminal assertion.

Firmly entrenched on the wrong side of science, and obviously out of touch with public opinion, Mr. Harper thought the majority of Canadians agreed with his opposition to the legalization of marijuana. Now better informed, he’ll soon be looking for his next high-paying gig back in the private sector. Good riddance to political rubbish.


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